Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich


Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich

DMY: this calendar by German designer Susanna Hertrich shreds paper displaying each passing day.

Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich

Called Chrono Shredder, the piece displays the dates on a scroll of paper, showing the current day while all the past dates are shredded up to curl in a heap on the floor.

Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich

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Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich

Here's some more information from Hertrich:


The machine as performer. Chrono-Shredder is a poetic time-object that reminds us of the volatileness of the »now«. As hybrid object with functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock, it shreds every single day in realtime. All that time that is irrevisibly lost gets a tangible existence in form of shredded paper. As time passes by, the tattered remains of the past pile up under the device.

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  • modular

    Very nice! This is very useful for people who have pet hamsters!

  • Adaro

    Oh how nice! Another waste of material, just for those pleasing “hmm.. how quaint..” moments!

  • modular

    I’m sorry, I was only joking…

  • tanya telford – T

    just read next entry first – Frank Gehry’s Brain Health Centre (really good) with that in mind, im thinking – how big a mound would a year make? and even a gallery piece around idea…,

  • Seriously brilliant

  • I thinks is a great pice of interpretation, the material can be recycle paper,, but it’s great

  • abdulqadirabas

    the GREEN fashion is almost over…

  • recon::decon

    “the tattered remains of the past…”

    isn’t that the truth.

  • shin

    If anyone thinks this is a brilliant idea then he is as guilty as the creator for not conserving paper waste.

    At first, yes, it looks nice and creative.. one day gone by, one perfectly good sheet of paper gone by also. It’s a waste!

    I live in Asia where we have this calendar per day per paper sheet. After a day went, we tear it to reveal the next day. But what did we do to the teared paper? We use it for everything. Mostly taking scribbling notes on the back of the paper (nice clean white paper).
    It’s not super-cool notepad, but hey, it’s does the job and we re-use the paper right?

    It’s time for us, everybody, to start creating things with “Save our earth” in mind.

    I’d say good execution, un-wise concept. Sorry Susanna Hertrich.

  • Tombo

    To Shin.. you save our earth from your pathetic comments thank you very much. This shredder is brilliant! /

  • steve

    Anyone who is so worried about waste should give up and cease from reading this website any further. Great design, well done.

  • JL

    a mix of the comments above… why not the date fade off and you have white paper to use then…

  • Prof Z.

    I have an idea : to make a calendar with my lasagne machine…. thanks

  • The mere fact that the design is this controversial is a fine indicator that it is brilliant.

  • Tom Ford

    It shreds the paper… so, and then what? I wish that Dieter Rams would give all the designs the thumbs up before they get posted here.

  • poon

    WOW,I think that the designer couldn’t explain passing time any better..

  • Tine Verheyen

    This is an absolute brilliant and most poetic idea! I would really love to have it.

  • Penny

    WHY doesn’t any of u forget about the paper!!and just look at the stack on the floor for one tiny moment!
    THAT my friends is the most beautiful and wise advise that a CALENDER! could give to all of us!!the time that has passed and extinced and u wont never ever have any access to it!
    … that is the beauty of art!

  • Diego

    How about converting the calender into a toilet roll. That way you can try to keep track of time with every bowel action & even develope a healthy daily & scheduled reminder. Would take out the shredder of course!!

  • Van

    Hasnt this been done already? I definitely saw another product by different artist with the same exact idea. Anyone?

  • dag

    oh please, you can simply reuse it for packing, just get creative and you can do many things with that shredded paper. the idea is beautiful! I

  • jackie

    or make it out of a paper towel. Is there anyone who doesn't use paper towels daily?