Nanhe River Landscape Bridge
by WXY Architecture


Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Here's another loopy bridge for China (see our earlier story about NL Architects' concept), this time a foot bridge for Xinjin in the Sichuan province by New York studio WXY Architecture and Weidlinger Associates Consulting Engineers.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Called Nanhe River Landscape Bridge, the red bridge will cross the river in two interlaced strands.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Construction is due to begin later this year.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Here's some more information from WXY Architecture:

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

WXY Architecture and Weidlinger Associates have won a competition to build the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge in Xinjin County, China.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Xinjin is a historical town that has attracted many residents and visitors over the years. It is geographically centered where five rivers converge, and for centuries poets have exalted its natural beauty. Our design draws inspiration from Xinjin’s breathtaking landscape and rich cultural history, and reflects the city's modern prosperity.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

Featuring two individual and intertwining bridges that form a braided pattern, the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge evokes the flow of the river it crosses - and like the main path in a great park, the journey across the bridge is an experience unto itself.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

The two intertwined ribbons serve a practical purpose by greatly expanding the capacity of the bridge to allow it to keep pace with Xinjin’s future growth. Embedded in its distinctive design is one path for pedestrians and another for bicycles. The two paths offer pedestrians and cyclists different perspectives and varying vistas along their journey across the structure.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

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The five oval rings formed by the lines of bridge decks are symbolic of the five rivers that converge on Xinjin; in turn, the bridge is supported by five multi-limbed supports, which increase the current spacing for watercraft and other recreational uses of the river. The complex form of the bridge is derived from the linear extrusion of a simple steel box girder. Its bright red color will resonate against the grey blue colors of Xinjin's hillside landscape.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge by WXY Architecture

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For residents and visitors, esplanades on both sides of the river provide important places to view and access the Nanhe. The Nanhe River Landscape Bridge springs seamlessly from these esplanades, and extends the park-like experience across the river in the centuries-long tradition of Chinese landscape bridges. Thus a contemporary symbol of Xinjin is born that draws inspiration from the city's most timeless qualities.

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  • jan

    Seems so unnecesary to me… I would definetly hate to walk all those curves and hills

  • erik

    mmm, can someone explain what’s the purpose of this snake-like bridge, I just don’t understand such a revolutionary project

  • Interesting design, but I still don’t get how it increases capacity (unless there’s something you guys are seeing that I’m not). You could just have two of those lanes on top of each other or better yet, right next to each other like a regular bridge.

    If it is just an aesthetic feature, don’t lie about it…

  • me


  • mardi

    It looks very nice, but why would I want to walk uphill on a bridge?

  • zafar

    and this is realy dezeen!!!!

  • edward

    Taken as it is intended, as an object of beauty in the landscape, it is magnificent. Might get a little dizzy by the other side.

  • BvE

    totally china! one hilarious project after another!!!!

    • moo

      Let’s not get racist!

  • Davide

    now, imagine I’m late for work and I have to run double the distance, add a slight sense of nausea due to all those curves, is it still a good project?

  • Marcus

    So, what about handicapped people? Wheelchairs, crutches and other locomotion issues?

  • neko

    unplug the computers and go back to thinking things through carefully.

  • Alireza

    something really naive! without well designed details , even lacking any suggestion for lighting or any signs of integration with structure. It could at least have some level decks for rest and site seeing. In facts it lacks many reasonable functional and architectural things.

  • ste

    its for training purpose isnt it?

  • zl

    just a piece of joke!

  • Erik

    A bridge is build to get quickly across a river, isn’t it? With the extra meters you drive on this bridge, it’s easier to drive to the next bridge across or take the ferry (or swim).

  • fromageplus

    Is this DisneyLand ?

  • edward

    Uh, Erik…closer inspection might have shown the bridge is for pedestrians and bicycles..

    ” Embedded in its distinctive design is one path for pedestrians and another for bicycles”

  • j

    i think this is beautiful and interesting. Its makes the walk across the river more interesting for sure.

  • tanya telford – T

    I like some of the concepts and ideas behind this bridge but can’t help but wish its aesthetics had also been influenced more by some of the natural landscape in a softer sense, like a past post on dezeen (a school in china which made a bridge).

  • "Why would I want to walk uphill on a bridge" – Why not? Lazy people!

  • Jay

    I don’t buy all the talk about how this was an inspired design, but this looks fun and the tourists will go nuts for it. I hope they realize, though, that there will be hundreds of attempts to jump from one bridge to the other.

  • matthew

    I think it’s strange how people forget that design can be fun. If you want to get to the other side faster build a monorail train. If you want to take a walk over a river with a little more dimension than a straight line, walk on a bridge like this. and since when are curved lines jokes? Don’t take is so serious. I like it.

  • “Why not? Lazy people!” – lol

  • lia

    so brave… red bridge..

  • Obscurity

    “Construction is due to begin later this year”

    One of the hidden purposes of this project must be to protect people, busy or lazy, from sneaking enemy against their well-being, sedentary lifestyle – sitting while working, driving, watching TV, using computer (blogging, tweeting)….
    Having said that, wind and rain in the open are most of the time not so friendly to pedestrians, let alone snow on slopes.

  • Werner

    presumably each lane is one-way, so whilst you can say the distance travelled up/down/laterally to get to the other side is greater than a horizontal straight line would be, it is still a relatively efficient crossing. and for those complaining about having to walk up hill, look at the elevation… you will only have to negotiate one particularly steep section… personally, being a cyclist, I dream of having to ride over something as interesting as this on the way to work!

  • ivan ventura

    Ok, I think I get it… its the body of a dragon. But I dont like it.

    It could at least have a dual path, one for bike and one for pedestrians… just like the bridge from next architects… which I don’t like either…

  • alex

    it is simple, elegant, if anything too repetitive due to the long river span, however the arch of the bridge provides a new vision all the time so it does not seem to become monotone, overall it is quite nice

    i find it very strange on a site like this, dedicated to design, how many pure functionalists there are, modern construction allows us to do more then the shortest distance span in the most shallow part of the river, its not 1000 bc, a river is not this grand obstacle, there are other bridges that serve a utilitarian purpose this sort of a design is requested to help community, inspire tourism, create a place to enjoy yourself it is essentially a park over water

    the shortest route is an argument that make an assumption that the town planning team is incompetent and im certain that is not the case

    i hope all of you have a chance some day when you are not busy to walk on such a bridge and just enjoy it, there are many similar designs and they are becoming more common

    its important to remember the point of this bridge is not pure utilitarianism

  • shima

    hello-i am iranian architecture-your bridge is very exquisite
    and beautiful but the bridge have not a place for rest and sit?

  • trip

    If I had the choice between a regular bridge and this one, and if I wasn't in a hurry, I would choose this one. This is not functional design, I agree, but this is poetic, and we need poetry or we'll all end up in a stone cube. (sorry for my bad english)

  • COWS

    The reason they did this is for the looks and to attract the public.
    Basically a tourist attraction.