Andromeda by Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa

Andromeda by Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa

London designer Ross Lovegrove has launched this LED pendant lamp for Japanese lighting brand Yamagiwa.

Called Andromeda , the lamp has clusters of LEDs embedded at the cross-points of the hard polyurethane foam form.

Mirrors can be repositioned within the structure to reflect the light in different directions.

Here's some more information from Yamagiwa:


ANDROMEDA is an artificial structure for capturing artificial light.

As if some sea creature is floating in the ocean, the light emitted from LED clusters via mirror reflectors within the delineated configuration distributes pure light and shadow.

The LED clusters are embedded in the crossing parts of the very organic Lovegrove structure made of hard polyurethane foam while mirror reflectors are attached with magnet having flexibility in adjusting the desired angles.

ANDROMEDA can be installed in both domestic and public space not only as a lighting fixture but also an object of art creating an impressive ambiance.

H270 x W800 x D460 (total length 600-2000)mm

Steel with painted finish. Hard polyurethane foam. Mirror
LED 1.1W x8.

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