Peg by Studio Gorm


Peg by Studio Gorm

Oregon designers John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong Studio Gorm are exhibiting their Shaker-inspired Peg furniture system at the Direktorenhaus art space in Berlin.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The set comprises wooden tables and benches that can be dissembled and hung on the wall when not in use.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The legs screw into each table top or seat and attach to the wall-mounting with magnets.

Peg by Studio Gorm

Legs and tops are interchangeable, creating different-sized furniture pieces as needed.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The exhibition opened to coincide with DMY Berlin earlier this month and continues until August. See all our stories about DMY Berlin in our special category.

Peg by Studio Gorm

Here's some more information from Studio Gorm:

Studio Gorm at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin

Studio Gorm has updated their Shaker inspired Peg series for the Direktorenhaus Gallery in Berlin.

Peg by Studio Gorm

First designed in 2008 Peg has been expanded to include a hard wood dining table, a desk, and a small table.

Peg by Studio Gorm

Peg is a flexible furniture system made up of simple components, which can be assembled in a variety of ways to accommodate a multitude of scenarios.

Peg by Studio Gorm

It is comprised of a series of wooden tabletops benches and legs, which hang on the wall from a peg rail when not in use.

Peg by Studio Gorm

Magnets inserted in the ends of the legs allow them to be hung quickly and easily from the peg rail.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The tables can be assembled to 4 different heights by attaching threaded wooden legs.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The tabletops are made from a variety of domestic American hardwoods, oak, hickory, ash, beech, douglas fir and walnut, and are built using a lightweight torsion box construction method with solid wood frames and reinforcements where the legs attach.

Peg by Studio Gorm

The peg benches and stools are constructed from solid beams of douglas fir with hemlock legs.

Peg by Studio Gorm

There are optional solid wood bench tops, which attach via wooden pegs, which can be retracted when not needed.

Peg by Studio Gorm

ATST lamp, is a table lamp with a ceramic shade and wooden base.

Peg by Studio Gorm

Direktorenhaus, Am Krogel 2, 10179 Berlin

Peg by Studio Gorm

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  • LL

    simple, pure, elegant. I like!

  • edward

    Ingenious! Though can’t think of a use for them. They seem to fit in better with an ideology than design theme.

  • It’s compact, it’s simple, it’s util. I like it.

  • Wonderful, beautiful work John & Won Hee! Congratulations on the show!

  • nice touch, nice looking, nice design, nice function, nice!

  • gabriel

    congratulations john and wonhee! Love the lamp and the small table… really good stuff, hope you had a great show in Berlin!

  • mic

    Lovely collection of furniture guys.

    I really like the inverted roof form under the benches. V. rational : )

  • Elsa.B

    Wonderful, very elegant and ingenious wooden furniture, I wan’t it.

  • Brennan

    Holy Shit Balls, I love this so much…. Design boner much?

  • JJ

    The threaded legs make this impractical…encourage experimentation by facilitating building and taking apart.

  • Brilliant! Shaker influence is always welcomed.

  • mil

    Very complicated and funtionless to be Shaker?

  • B

    it’s like permanent IKEA it would drive me mad

  • Nice studio, I find interesting flow kitchen.

  • timothy

    It looks well crafted, however it seems a bit ironic that it’s photographed in such a large living space, when it seems intended for a much smaller one.

  • j

    i love this, would work so well in a small space like a loft

  • Hey John & Wonhee, congratulations on this collection, looks very beautiful and practical, and very well produced!

  • hey wonhee and john! such beautiful pieces! Love them! :)

  • John/Wonhee, nicely done. Smart design and craftsmanship. I also like the use/variety of oregon woods. Congratulations to you both.

  • suh m w

    Hey John and Wonhee,
    great works! very lovely craft with nice and warm wood.
    Miss you guys~

  • ipin996

    brilliant, a very practical design