Movie by Pedro Kok: Rolex Learning Centre


Rolex Learning Centre

DezeenTV: Brazilian architectural photographer Pedro Kok has made this black-and-white movie of the Rolex Learning Centre in Switzerland, designed by Japanese architects SANAA.

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Posted on Thursday July 15th 2010 at 2:00 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • becky

    looks like not much of anything. the video is annoying with the rubbish soundtrack

  • This puts the one in Lititz, PA to shame.

  • grapes

    so boring?

  • wpgmb

    this is what architecture is all about. booyah.

  • Beautiful video of a sublime building!
    Thanks for not moving the camera!!!
    The building acquires an aura of its own…

  • junihaoni

    stunning. a space with infinite possibilities

  • João

    the video gives all the credits to the architecture… that’s what makes it so amazing and beautiful… Parabéns Pedro!!!!

  • hans

    I really love the cosy atmosphere at 1:18

  • Jorge-Ls

    I feel like retropasive.