The End of History by BrewDog


The End of History by BrewDog

Scottish brewery BrewDog have packaged their latest range of beers inside dead animals.

The End of History by Brew Dog

Called The End of History, the collection of roadkill includes seven stoats, four squirrels and a hare, each containing a bottle of beer at 55% ABV.

The End of History by Brew Dog

The range has now sold out.
The End of History by Brew Dog

Here's some more information from BrewDog:

World’s strongest and most expensive beer goes on sale in UK
New BrewDog beer is 55%ABV, costs £500 per bottle and is packaged in a stuffed animal

BrewDog, the maverick independent brewery, has unveiled the strongest and most expensive beer in the world – The End of History – available to buy in the UK from today. At 55%ABV and £500 for a bottle, the blond Belgian ale is infused with nettles and juniper berries is served from unique bottles made with stuffed animals dressed in eccentric outfits. Just 12 bespoke bottles have been produced, using seven dead stoats, four squirrels and one hare.

BrewDog co-founder, James Watt commented:

“In true BrewDog fashion we've torn up convention, blurred distinctions and pushed brewing and beer packaging to its absolute limits. This is the beer to end all beers. It’s an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion; changing the general perception of beer one stuffed animal at a time.”

The name ‘The End of History’ derives from the famous work of philosopher Francis Fukuyama – implying that this is to beer what democracy is to history. The artisan beer has been crafted at the company’s brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland and has been infused with juniper berries and nettles from the Scottish highlands.

The striking individual bottles were hand crafted by a taxidermist in Doncaster and each animal died of natural causes before they were used to hold the world’s most expensive beer. The outfits were made-to-measure and each bottle has its own quirky personality.

James Watt added:

“The impact of The End of History is a perfect conceptual marriage between taxidermy, art and craft brewing. The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing – they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them.”

To achieve The End of History’s record-breaking alcohol content, BrewDog’s brewers use an extreme freezing technique whereby the beer is kept at temperatures well below freezing to separate the water from the solution. The process is then repeated dozens of times, requiring hundreds of litres of beer to be reduced through the process to produce just enough for a 330ml bottle – hence the record breaking cost.

James Watt continued:

“We want to show people there is an alternative to monolithic corporate beers, introduce them to a completely new approach to beer and elevate the status of beer in our culture. Drinkers in the UK are constrained by lack of choice; seduced by the monolithic corporate brewers huge advertising budgets and brainwashed by vindictive lies perpetrated with the veracity of propaganda. They can’t help but be sucked down the rabbit hole. We are on a mission to open as many people’s eyes as possible.”

BrewDog is Scotland’s largest independent brewery, producing cult beers such as Punk IPA, Trashy Blonde and Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The company, which has faced widespread controversy over its high alcohol beers before, has grown by 250% in the last year and now exports its artisan beers to 17 different territories.

What is BrewDog?

BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie (both only 26) were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominate the UK market. They decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to brew their own beers. Consequently in April 2007 BrewDog was born. Both only 24 at the time, they leased a building, got some scary bank loans, spent all their money on stainless steel and started making some hardcore beers.

BrewDog is dedicated to making cool, contemporary and progressive beers showcasing some of the world’s classic beer styles. All with an innovative twist and customary BrewDog bite.

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  • damfak

    Call me Old fashion, but i don´t see good design in this. It`s more like a work of art… but no design…

    • @Arch_Alternativ

      Work of art???

  • j9

    damfak, I agree. the video is worth seeing though — it's funny and it makes the packaging make more sense. The packaging is definitely a byproduct of a that storyline. And the video seems to have been created in hopes it'd go viral. But hey, they sold out their high-priced product, all in all, it works.

  • boo

    Gag! Spew!

    But the animals may have been killed by drunk drivers, right?!

  • nico

    i prefer drinking my beer without having to look in the bulging eyes of dead roadkill.

  • Albert

    Cruel, ugly, inhuman, impiteous…
    Yet probably brilliant as a PR move.
    It's an ugly world out there:

  • Chet

    Ridiculous. Suprised Dezeen would waste their time.

  • Garbanzo

    At last! Something to do with the squirrels that tear up my garden!

  • Alessandro

    I'm normally not a fan of the "wrap something in something else and call it design" but this is a perfect fit for the brand. It's quirky, hilarious, and it works well.

  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    Back in 1936 an artist by the name of Meret Oppenheim provoked outrage and disgust with his fur-covered teacup, saucer, and spoon ( THIS goes one better.

  • mff

    i'm waiting for moraly awakend citizents to comment this…

  • Tkay


  • youknowmyname

    sick, change the package, same old beer, hope to cause controversy to sell more. greedy!! I preffer to buy saphoro space beer. More atractive idea of uniqueness. Also think thaht this is way to far from design.

  • Mica

    That sucks!!!!

    What is the meaning of this?

  • okomta

    i don't agree with this idea,,,kill animal for design? think again,,,!

  • haemi

    I agree with you…. it's too weird..

  • KoZ

    This is sick!

  • galessa

    Bad taste pushed to new limits by Damien Hirst wannabes.

  • micmac

    instead of the drink coming out of its mouth make it come out of its butt.

  • Stas

    Looks hellish…..

  • micha

    stupid and pretentious marketing gag. no art or design at all.

  • jazz

    That is simply so disgusting and immoral… Its not even a desirable work of art… simply disgusting and disturbing. Judging from the majority of the comments made here… I truly and sincerely hope that it won't succeed…

  • Tuvie

    this is definitely not an art or a design, this is sick … not funny at all !!!

  • andie

    i would like to hear legit reason why this should be posted

  • Albert

    You see how many comments!
    Just proves how smart it is from the marketing / PR point of view. Regardless to how disgusting and ugly are the images or moral aspects. Just illustrates again how terrible is our present world.
    As "Stas" has noticed above – HELLISH.
    (It's not about the images it's about ourselves)!

    • Andy

      Yeah, all attention is good attention, right? I know for sure BrewDog won't be on my list before they admit this was a bad mistake. One buyer less, at least…

    • Shavool

      Calm down, have a piece of cheese.

  • m0saique

    bottoms up!!!

  • edd

    love it, recycling on a whole new level, shame the animals dont have a functional purpose tho, perhaps a ferret thermos flask would have been more acceptable.

    any idea where you get one or how much it would set you back?

  • Thau

    I had a chance to participate in a BrewDog tasting at a local shop here last month. I'm really glad now I couldn't do it and won't be buying their beer in the future. This is hideous, pretentious and disgusting.

    • @Arch_Alternativ

      Isn't it what the entire (or almost entire) modern art is about, Thau? Purposely provocative ugliness dressed as an advanced intellectual search for something elusive… What a nonsense!

  • Chris

    Not design. Just creepy . . .maybe a little funny. But definitely not design.

  • Tyler Buble

    Not even Mel Gibson would do this.

  • meowsee

    i enjoy it simply because it will piss so many people off.

  • Julio

    Asqueroso, absurdo, inhumano y cruel…. Cuando uno tiene resueltas sus necesidades básicas parece que queda demasiado tiempo para la estupidez

  • bleh

    Really distastefull.
    Would like to see a picture of somebody drinking straight from the bottle though….that would top it up.

  • gozzillo

    Are those items commissioned by Disney?

  • salf

    It's freaky as heck!, and if I had the money I wouldn't buy it, looks kind of creepy, but for people into hunting might be nice to have next to their deer head.

    Some of the people commenting take it to personal, and some didn't even read the text.

    "Hope it fails" ?…..there's only 12 bottles, and I bet all sold out by now.

    "inhuman, killilng animals for design"?, what part of the "the animals died of natural causes" didn't you guys get?

  • Ken

    How about I stuff a huge ketchup bottle in your dead body, put on some outfit with the ketchup label and put it on public display.

    Pretentious freaks.

  • HJI

    Nice to see everyone’s pissed off. Now that’s a long time ago, not even the war in Iraque get’s so much people angry nowadays. Come’on guys; only 12 bottles, all died in a natural way…

  • Neil

    Superb! Has as much right to be here as anything else on this site. How many crap chairs do we have to see in these pages? Good to see something unique and controversial, as it seems to some narrow-minded folk.

  • beereakfast

    @youknowmyname How is it the same old beer if you change the packaging? Its the highest percentage "beer" ever made, so im pretty sure that doesn't make sense. On a semi related note: sapporo is the pits.

  • mratk

    Completely disgusting. Nonetheless exciting. Testing the boundaries of the ugly and wrong is as important of testing the boundaries of the beautiful and right in both art and design.
    But, yuck.

  • G. String

    I don’t even know where to start here… Just pass the kleenex…

  • Bill

    Fantastic and bold piece of marketing from the lads at Bewdog. One must not forget that their brewing attitude derives from the punk movement in rebelling against bland, corporate and uninspiring beers from around the world. In response they have created the worlds strongest beer – and only 12 (that is less than 15) bottles were sold! This is a collectors item, more akin to an aged whisky than a typical beer, and so should be judged on its individual merits. For those offended by the use of stuffed animals I think perhaps that the fact that an animal is now revered rather than left to rot at the side of the road is fitting. Yes it is shocking to some, but lets not take it out of context – the animals were found dead so they were not deliberately harmed, and such bold packaging compliments such a bold product. They are the rebels of the brewing world and I respect that – it is as refreshing as their 77 Lager. At £500 a bottle they were probably sold within a matter of hours and with all the negative comments from the press the owners can only sit by and watch a fantastic piece of propaganda.

  • jack

    Fantastic. To all the morally outraged and PC enthusiasts; have a read of the text, the 12 animals died of natural causes.
    In a boring world of corporate beer, nay, corporate everything, this sticks 2 fingers up, confidently in their direction.
    Still, 500 quid for a beer…


    Pack some brew inside a sheep and we have a party goin on!

  • BB88

    The so called designer of this seemed to have only had shocking in mind. This is not good marketing this is only provocation and thus the cheapest form of trying to get attention. He is playing around with the dead bodies of once living creatures and not just some kind of 'material'. This is degrading and absolutely tasteless! People should stop using animals as production machines for their own selfish needs and start thinking about the animal's right of a human and respectful treatment before and after death.

  • Ted

    Brilliant! Very funny, and well aimed at Brew Dog's target audience (young people with a sense of humour, not po-faced reactionary stiffs).

  • Eddie

    One this is hilarious. A lot of people on here need to drop their noses a little laugh at the world more, and just enjoy life. Life is too short to judge everyone and be an angry bastard. And I agree major corporate beers need something to shake up their world a little.

  • lancelot

    This is so much fun.I am sure the ghost of Salvido Dali is working at Brewdog.
    Purhaps the second issue could be called the 'Marksman' in honour of all the interior design ,mounted animal heads, found in scotch filled drawing rooms.

  • Tim

    Great idea! I am sure that PETA isn't real fond of the brand!

  • riyad


    how do you keep the beer cool?

    oh! wrap it in fur…

  • dhamphir

    they dressed up the corpses, and use zombies to resurrect the desire of……