Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski


espresso solo by shmuel linski

Here's a concrete espresso machine by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design student Shmuel Linski.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

Called Espresso Solo, the conceptual product features metal working parts and a concrete case.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

Here's some more information from Linski, who is due to graduate next year:

ESPRESSO SOLO : concrete espresso machine for lavazza, designed by Shmuel Linski, Israel.

The espresso machine makes only espresso: short and long.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

The design process begun in choosing the material: I chose concrete. I had a vision: concrete in the kitchen, not only as a wall or decorative part, I wanted it to be a desirable consumer product.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

The contrast between the roughness, massiveness and hardness of the concrete and the fine metal parts, which are dealing with the coffee preparation process, was very challenging and interesting for me.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

The machine works with coffee beans: they are poured from the top part. The water is poured into "water drawer" in the back.

espresso solo by shmuel linski

Advisor: Mr. Alex Padwa
Photos: Sasha Flit

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  • Ryan

    A little impracticle, but I really like the contrasting textures and the visual weight the concrete gives it. It looks like something that will last forever.

  • I luv coffee

    Nice look – a fun riff on Barney Rubble's kitchen – but I'd hate to be the guy trying to clean the coffee stains off of it. I suppose the key word would have to be, "patina" hope you like your coffee maker with brown splotches on the lower third. Overall a nice academic exercise, but not terribly realistic.

  • The_Architext

    Not bad at all. This thing gives you primary emotions. Raw materials, pure coffe taste… Something like going back to the basics. Nice job.

  • The TOP view reminds me a separation wall…
    But I like the contrast, BRAVO!

  • Nice, would like to see how it ages, with all the coffee

  • Awesome. Love it. Shipping will triple the price, but if everything was built to last forever, complete with replaceable parts, it would be worth it.

  • LOW

    That is… hands down… the SEXIEST thing I have ever seen.. coffee…. and… concrete….. that is.. hot…

  • I would use white concrete instead of gray!!! Love it.

  • Ari

    Very refined and beautiful

  • polly

    You know what… this ain’t so bad.

  • Josh

    It is an amazing interior piece of design. I could truly see the conversation around industrial objects like this.

  • Diego

    Practical or not, there is some form of challenging thought here from Linski… and why not? This is good industrial design, even if only conceptual!! Well done Linski, you’ve got a promising future ahead.

  • Jiaafei

    I love the 'rawness' and brutalism of it.

  • JuiceMajor

    Maybe for a coffee shop. I can’t see this being appealing at home.

  • chris

    Looks beautiful. Like an expresso maker the Fremen from Dune would have lying around.

  • Looks practical and would fit nicely aound bare concret walled kitchen…

    The object looks nice and would fit nicely in our art gallery…

  • The concrete material looks fine. It renders the product more attractive. I like it sooo much… good work.

  • mir

    Having a “vision” is not enough to choose a material. Say you wanted it to be raw, say you were looking for the contrast… say it’s an outdoor cofee machine.

  • amsam

    My espresso maker is black plastic. It’s horrible. This rocks (pun intended.)

  • stolo

    I would actually buy this. Nice.

  • Rico

    What else…? Concrete George, just concrete!

  • ApplianceGeek

    This product is not at all practical and concrete is not the only material that would make the product look durable. It’s lovely as a concept but don’t pretend that it has any viability as a domestic appliance.

  • I would buy this also! Is there any chance to do it?

  • Fredrik

    I like this one!

    To all of you nagging about being practical, that is not valid. The thing isn’t huge is it. It will be stable, durable, and wear with style. Those are practical features for a product. Besides you can look at this as a piece of art. How “practical” is a statue for example?

    I would buy this also!

  • Donkey

    Is this a particular type of concrete? It looks very smooth compared to the type you would use (for instance) to lay a floor. Would be interested to know.

    • This is a regular gray concrete,mixed with sand. Small ammount of water caused to those "air" spaces on the surface.

  • ApplianceGeek

    I would never judge a work of art on it's practicality and would beg for people in this forum to in fact judge this design in the same way as art. Great form, talking point, conceptual…not practical. I bet all of you in favour of having it in your home would even try to argue that the rancid coffee smell coming from the absorbed coffee stains enhances it's "reality".

  • Oscar

    Love it. I would buy it if it worked. But does it? I can't see how you could fit a grinder in that small body + make it possible to remove the leftovers in a practical way? to make it workable + commercially viable maybe a coffee-pod version? Pods take much less space inside the body + more attractive for producers as there actually is a big market for well designed Lavazza or Nespresso pod machines.

  • stylembe

    It harkens back to the early days of Ron Arad – I love it.

  • Ah, back to the future of 1980's concept design, but Ron Arad's turntable and speakers had a nice roughness about them though!

  • Brian

    I love it! Finally some use of concrete that actually uses the idea of (somewhat) accurate molding! Fantastic- where do I sigh up?

  • Brian

    And… It is sooooo "Blade Runner" it hurts! Fantastic!

  • Danz

    I would be reassured that my coffee machine wouldn't be going anywhere fast.

  • love raw materials !!!

  • The Iron Monger

    Nice clean design – lack of ironmongery but concrete does it!

  • Good work Shmuel… a fan of nice pure arabica!

  • コーヒー大好きの俺には、まじ欲しい一品す!

    Can't wait to see the production model of this great piece!! it's truly impressive!

  • the asperity of the concrete will absorb dust, grounds, oils, into its texture.
    one could grow moss or babys breath nesxt to mosaics, graphitti in old hand prints…the point is i see this becoming a living breathing steaming echo of
    everything it comes into contact with or keep the luner surface.

  • pancho

    does it has any cable??… do you have to plug it???…