Cubist Vases by Boym Partners


Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Designers Boym Partners created these vases by joining crystal planes in homage to the Cubist paintings of Picasso and Braque.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Called Cubist Vases, the project is the first in a series entitled Souvenirs of Modernism, for which the pair will create editions over the next ten years inspired by Modernism.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Each vase is made of flat crystal shapes joined with ultraviolet glue.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Photos are by Davies and Starr.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Here are some more details from Boym Partners:

Cubist Vases

Cubist Vases mark the beginning of a ten-year-long project Souvenirs of Modernism, which Constantin and Laurene Boym are starting in 2010. In the decade of 2010-2020, we will continue issuing collectable editions to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Modernism.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

Cubist Vases are made of optical crystal. Flat crystal shapes are assembled with UV glue into three-dimensional objects, full of unexpected multifaceted reflections and distortions. Famous works of analytical Cubism inevitably come to mind.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

We have designed Cubist Vases in homage to still life paintings of Picasso and Braque, the works created almost exactly one hundred years ago.

Cubist Vases by Boym Partners

The pieces are manufactured in China for Boym Partners. They will be presented at NYIGF in August 2010, and distributed in the US by Wabnitz Editions.

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  • dan

    were drawings really necessary here?

  • Kaptain krunch

    doesn't that 'vase' have a big hole in it, surely a requisite of a vase is to be able to hold water?

    I don't like them, but that's just my taste.

  • We are not dumb. There is no hole, obviously; it is covered up with a second layer of clear crystal. By doing this, we add some visual complexity and pique interest of viewers like you.

    • Felix

      hopefully you didn't mean it this way but your reply comes across really rude

      i like them. the shapes remind me of a wine bottle and guitar, is this intentional? wine bottle is my favourite of the two, more understated

      • xtiaan

        hes not meaning to be rude but by god its obvious whats going on, if you look at the photo theres a green tint in the right hand half of the circle that indicates theres glass, plus theres the plan and isometric type drawings, short of being a blind computer user its fairly easy to tell.

        these are 3-dimensional remakes of two dimensional cubist paintings, piccasso and braque respectively, so yes its intentional, its post modernism, its been going on the last 30 years or so,
        you may have heard of it.

  • Very nice and well done :)

  • boo

    The comment by Kaptain krunch appears to answer the question by dan. : }

  • @Kaptain krunch: the piece of glass with the hole is placed over another piece of glass. the piece in the first image is somewhat interesting.

  • dan

    my meaning was, as these are not a very complex architecture ( no offense ), and mainly are a play on proportions I would think that the visual images would be enough,
    even if there was a hole, it does not seem so problematic.

    Unless you want to have another "manufacturer" to produce it in China ;)

  • Amazing as always. Love these and cant wait to get one for my home

  • 1234

    modernism is dead ! you rather should focus on environmental issues and not "design" products which create of cut-offs and leftovers…. omg, and more projects of mr. "we are not dumb" to come in this decade ? any pr plans for the next decade then ?? pls let me know ….

    • xtiaan

      um glass is 100% recyclable, there are NO cut offs or left overs, if youre that concerned about the environment Id give up the computer you are looking at this on, huge carbon footprint, and metal glass and plastic all tied up in a manner that cant be 100% recycled, unlike glass.
      infact shouldnt you be out there planting trees instead of shelfishly browsing a design site on your computer?!

      • 1234

        it would be a dream if there are no cut-offs my friend, and i dont believe dreams .. no comment to what you think about computers etc,..

  • polly

    i just don't understand what Boym does. no clear path

  • Neo

    I like them, they just should be made in France instead on China. I there that "Cubism" was made. ; )

  • xtiaan

    souvenirs of modernism seems a problematic title, for a start the objects they are referencing are cubist and they are making them in a post postmodern era, if they arent careful the vases will dissappear in a puff of self reflexism.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    I think these are great, but it’s too bad that they’re placed in a system which makes it impossible or extremely hard to purchase. Rather elitist. Why can’t ANYONE purchase these who has the money?