Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel


Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

German product and jewellery designer Daniel Michel responds to the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs in Europe with this lamp comprising the skeleton of a shade and an invisible bulb.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

Called Bye Bye Bulb, the lamp has an LED light source hidden inside what would normally be the bulb socket.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

The lamp is made from a mixture of aluminum and steel and uses a 10 watt LED.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

All photographs are by Merlin Baum.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

Here's some more from the designer:

Bye Bye Bulb

It is creative comment on the prohibition and the disappearance of the light bulb.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

I used materials steel and aluminium.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

The illuminant is a 10 watt high power led.

Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel Michel

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  • fma

    tear ~

  • bcndc

    I wish that Dezeen would institute a submittal policy that requires that functional objects be shown functioning: lights should show their luminous effects, chairs should show people sitting on them, shoes should be on human feet, etc…. What does it mean to design a light and submit photos of it not even turned on?

    • Felix

      exactly what i was thinking

      as it's mimicking a bulb, the quality of light from the LEDs is especially important to the design

    • amsam

      bcndc has my vote 100%

    • tom

      I agree in principle, but in practice it is much more expensive and challenging to do a propped photo shoot than a backdropped one. And adding people even more so. Professional lighting and photography are costly.

  • Tcc

    Agreed with bcndc…

  • gaque

    good point dcndc–i think it means the designer was interested to show the shape of the lamp and idea…not the function, nor the quality of illumination, which i find unfortunate.

  • anon

    The second and fourth photos show the light turned on.

    • amsam

      …but not illuminating anything

  • poetic, pathetic, perfect.