Extra-ORdinary by Jennifer Rabatel


Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

ÉCAL University of Art and Design Lausanne graduate Jennifer Rabatel has taken inspiration from tools such as spanners, spatulas and try squares to create a series of functional everyday objects.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

Spatula Mirrors (above) are a range of four mirrors designed to look like building tools and made from laser-cut stainless steel riveted to handcrafted lime handles.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Hanger T Square (above), which is inspired by a bevel square, has a hooked metal plate that can be rotated and set in place to function as trouser and coat hanger, or folded away.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Envelope Bag (above) is a leather computer bag with engraved buttons, an attachable handle and compartments for cables and files.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Wrench Candela (above) is a candle stand with a series of holders that resemble ring spanners and rotate around a central rod.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

Here are more details from the designer:

This project is based on the status of ordinary objects often undervalued. The main idea for this project was to change ordinary objects into different yet subtle new objects using my own imagination.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

First, I chose 4 very basic objects: a scraper, keys, a T square and an envelope, all for aesthetics, mechanical engineering, and useful functions. Then the process starts, by twisting the rules, I re-think all of the above and find innovative ways to re-invent them. That's a new collection of functional, surprising, off-beat' creative yet simple objects.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

I used a strong materials that last because in my opinion, good objects are only good if they last in time! So this collection is composed to: The spatulas mirrors, the T square hangers, The envelope bag and The wrench candela.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

Spatulas Mirrors series:

As one of work of art of Magritte, the spatulas mirrors could be called "This is not a spatulas!"This definitely sets the tone for this project! It hit me when I walked through a hardware store. As I discovered different types of scrapers used for construction only I suddenly saw my own reflection in one.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

I thought of how odd and funny this could be to look at a mirror that's actually a tool. Instantly, I loved the idea of mixing humour with the functional use of a scraper.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

To create even more illusion, I chose materials such as:  Stainless steel and lime tree. Each metal plate is laser cut. Each handle is cut in CNC and hand crafted giving a full finish result. Each part is assembled with a rivets which have been engraved with numbers.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

Four mirrors for four sizes: Table mirror, wall-mirror, hand-mirror, pocket-mirror which includes a protection bag made of lime tree wood equipped with a magnet for perfect closure and stability.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Hanger T Square

Somehow, I have always been fascinated with this object. I can’t help to notice both mechanical and aesthetic beauty in such tool. Designed to create and measure angles, I have used it so often that one day I used it to hang my coat and found the perfect angle for it.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

It became clear to me that I was looking at a very simple yet perfect shaped hanger for a coat. The great function of this hanger was that you were able to fold it in one fine piece.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The T square has a blade that can slide 360 degrees on to a wooden plate. This system had just given me the idea for a second type of hanger. The trousers hanger with the T square was born. In order to enhance the stability of the trousers on the hanger, a hook was integrated in the part with the blade. Like the scrapers collection, each assembly part has engraved numbers on them.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Envelope Bag:

I decided to create a computer bag, elegant yet simple resembling to an envelope. Its primary functions will be to sort computer devices and files. It has a front side designed for files and a backside compartment for cables.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The theme for this object occurred to me naturally. It is a folded elegant object that travels with people’s words and thoughts anywhere in the world. I chose a specific kind of leather that looked similar to Kraft paper.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The aim was to play with different fabric and create a humorous effect when people see it. Sometimes, Luxury is where you least expect it. The leather has a minimum of treatment in order to preserve its authenticity. The idea of creating a leather envelope was driven by the desire to invest more attention to detail and technical difficulties, for examples: the angles!

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

This bag includes important details: engraved buttons, a very discrete system that allows you to add an extra handle, and very fine links for closure. This collection offers a bag as well as a small hard drive protection bag.

Extra-Ordinary by Jennifer Rabatel

The Wrench Candela:

The theme for this object is the mechanical keys to begin a totally elegant object, in this case a beautiful candela.The effect I wanted to produce so smooth slide movement. Each keys turn around on one axe to creat differents conbinations.The totality of the candela can close up.

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    Nice ideas but I couldn't make any connection between mirror spatula. Have any explanation about it?

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    Great, as a carpenter/contractor I use these type of tools on a daily basis, and the ergonomics are a result of generations of use. Well done.

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