Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch


Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

Venice Architecture Biennale 2010: New York studio Aranda\Lasch have installed a collection of seating that's made up of foam pyramids at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

Entitled Modern Primitives, the series was developed in collaboration with Italian fashion brand Fendi and forms the first part of a project to be concluded at Design Miami/ in December.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

Here are some more details from Fendi:

FENDI and Aranda\Lasch present Modern Primitives
An installation combining technology, craftsmanship and tradition

FENDI consolidates its relationship with the world of Limited Edition Design by partnering with the New York based architectural studio Aranda\Lasch with a two-step project starting at Venice Biennale of Architecture in August 2010 and seeing its completion at Design Miami/ in December 2010.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

At the Venice Biennale of Architecture, starting on August 26th, FENDI will be supporting the installation the architectural duo have been commissioned by the Pritzker Price Winner and Biennale Curator Kazuyo Sejima.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

The installation, called Modern Primitives, explores technological sophistication with hand-crafted elegance.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

Modern Primitives will be an installation composed of foam structures, derived by small primitive pieces connecting into larger ones that can be sat on, leaned against, held in one’s arms. This setting will describe a space of dialogue where events and conversations are conducted, recorded and broadcast.

Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch

The installation site will be located at the end of the Arsenale.

The result is a multiple level installation that will find its ultimate essence and completion in the Miami part that will embody and sublimate the world of design, fashion, art and architecture.

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  • RLKC

    Traditional usage of geometry, but its refreshing that way, away from all the over-the-top fancy stuff nowadays. Like crystallization of sorts. Although I think they should simply make this an outdoor installation instead of forcing the idea of "seats" into the installation.

  • Slater

    nice forms but I don't know that I'd actually sit on them…

  • Nathan

    Looks great. But personally, I'd prefer it be sculpture to seating.

  • shag

    It's largely inspired from lady gaga hairbands.

  • bklynboy

    form without substance

  • Strange that there are no images of people sitting on this seating…

  • slim

    again, am i the only one who just doesn't get this?