Kettle by Estelle Sauvage


Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

This kettle by Ecole Nationale supérieure d'Art et de Design de Saint-Etienne graduate Estelle Sauvage uses a light bulb to heat water for a cup of tea.

Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

The incandescent bulb is mounted on a wooden base, while the glass jug has a recess to house the bulb close to but separate from the water.

Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

It can heat water to 90°C.

Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

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Kettle by Estelle Sauvage

Here's some more information from Sauvage:

This kettle works with the heat of an incandescent light bulb 100W, which the sale is forbidden since September, 2009 (in France). and which see ending their production and their existence within homes.

So the revolutionary object finished its life sadly, demonized by the ecology.

This project  just tries to pay a kind of tribute, staging the bulb, and its death.
The kettle becomes out of order, its status of useful object crosses in a fraction of second, an object of memory, a "former" object.

It really works, it does not bring the water to the boil but to an ideal temperature for tea: approximately 85 / 90°C.

It was presented in particular to the Pompidou Center of Metz, on July 4th of this year, during the "market of design" for the event " Imaginez maintenant ".

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  • logorithm

    Interesting! But the light bulb should be protected in a cage or something, otherwise it might just break if knocked by the glass kettle.

  • Nice Idea… This with coloured water or with a goldfish would be nice. Probably the fish wouldt last long. Whatever, nice lamp!

  • dbueso

    the water wont worm !?

  • this is a really tasty design. It's a shame it will become useless

  • felix

    a kettle that can’t boil water, and is very inefficient… what exactly is she trying to say about the lightbulb?

  • dangerous way to warm water

    • Liz

      It's not dangerous. It works the same way as an electric stove. It is much safer than gas, for certain. It's very efficient because the light will illuminate the room while it heats water, a process which does the job of two energy-using appliances at once, therefore saving energy. Also, it does not need to boil the water because it is a tea kettle. Tea, especially green tea, tastes best when made with water heated to just below boiling, as this tea pot does. It is sad that soon the heat-producing bulbs of yesteryear will be gone, so the appliance will not be usable forever.

  • Tribute to the life and death of light bulb 100W ;)

  • arquiteto

    must be a special resistent Chuk Noris lamp for me please. I can imagin myself braking the lamp .. the water droping on the ground….plus eletricity…. will be a 100Watts CHOKNoris and death. And what kills you is the 12 amperes. huahuahauhu!!!! Just kidding. Nice idea!! I'd like to see with other lamps too! blue!

  • felix

    Well somebody probably missed the newest changes in Australia, EU etc.. no more bulbs allowed since today.

  • polly

    love it. two hours to heat water not to the boil. genius

    • Sauvage

      15 minutes. Just for tea.

      But its purpose, of course, is not to be effective, or genius, just to make think.

      • polly

        sorry i miss it. think about what?

  • Ale

    …. That looks quite inefficient…

  • Agree with polly, how long to heat the water??
    And how to clean the kettler?? Only a tiny hole!
    Not a good concept. Wast of energy.

    • jed_

      this isn't a product nor is it intended to be. it's a tribute to tungsten, i like it. very beautiful.

  • bcndc

    very beautiful project. perhaps not very efficient, and perhaps requiring the user to slow down and take his/her time; but i would argue that people's smart phones don't make them so efficient, either: now everyone is doing a greater quantity of half-ass things rather than anything truly well. hats off to taking one's time.

  • such an elegant design! kudos!

  • obviously a creativity issue…. important step before get the shape is Functionality, safety, CREATIVITY,,, and for the final… is the form… these doesn't respect any point of it. waste of energy, insecure, to much creativity, and bad shape… sorry,, but, i don't like it.

  • It would be good to know how long it takes to get to 90°

  • Laz

    Very Poetic. Simply elegant.

  • m

    what a waste of energy,

    please make something more useful

    • grig

      think of it more as a art project or an essay about design that uses a different medium than written word, most of the things on this website will not make it production anyway.

  • sogresse

    Nice job! Keep on dreaming!

  • rnhndvnrmn

    Nice design, very bad idea (and not so innovative). It’s inefficient and a waste of energy. I like my tea water cooked by the way.