Dramprom by Roger Arquer

Spanish designer Roger Arquer has created a lamp that uses condensation to diffuse light from the bulb.


Called Dramprom, the glass lamp contains water that evaporates as it is heated by the bulb.


Water vapour condenses on the inside of the glass, diffusing the light.


When the condensation cools, drops fall back into the pool of water in the bottom of the lamp and the cycle begins again.


Drampron will be launched at an exhibition of work by Spanish designers that opens tomorrow at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.


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The exhibition, called Sueños de un grifo, Diseño con alma de agua, runs until 11 October.


Here's some more information from Roger:


Roger Arquer Studio

Roger Arquer exhibits ‘Dramprom’ at SUEÑOS DE UN GRIFO. Diseño con alma de agua

Roger Arquer shows his condensation lampshade light ‘Dramprom’ for first time in Spain under the exhibition SUEÑOS DE UN GRIFO. Diseño con alma de agua.

‘Dramprom’ is a light there the lampshade is created by water condensation. The light bulb is placed in a recess inwards the main body of glass --outside the sealed container, with no access to the water inside the lamp. The heat of the light bulb creates its own condensed lampshade inside the container, creating a soft diffusion of the light.

The condensation sticks on the interior of the glass, when it becomes too condensed, drops start to fall. These drops will eventually become again condensation, creating a never ending cycle.

“The lampshade of this lamp is no more than moist and thin drops of water. So simple but fascinating to watch, as alive as a candle light”, says Arquer.

Curated by Hector Serrano and Javier Esteban, the exhibition explores through the work of few Spanish designers, the role that objects may have in our dialogue with water.

On view until October 11, 2009, the exhibition has been organized by ddi (Sociedad Estatal para el Desarrollo del Diseño y la Innovación, and Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, where is being held.

When: 17 July – 11 October 2009
Where: Sala Juana Mordó, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (Spain)