Rrround by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki


net rrround by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Finnish Lahti University of Applied Sciences students Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki have rolled up 250 square-metres of recycled carpet to create this multicoloured chair.

net rrround by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Rrround is made from the presentation carpet used at exhibitions which is normally discarded afterwards.

net rrround by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

All photographs are taken by Antti Ahtiluoto.

net rrround by Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki

Here's some more from the designers:


It won the main prize 6000€ in this years Habitare design competition, meant for young designers. This year’s theme of the competition was a recycled seat suitable for public spaces and limited production runs. The head of the jury was Swiss designer and professor Alfredo Häberli. This is what he comment about the chair:

“What do you get when you roll up 250 m2 of recycled exhibition carpet? The idea and the solution are as evident as our presence here at the fair. There is nothing to add to it”.

The Rrround seat is made out of approximately 250 square metres of discarded exhibition carpet, all rolled together into an armchair. (Measurements height 950mm, width 1000mm, depth 1300mm)

For the prototype we used scrap pieces of exhibiton carpet from a local importer Kukila Oy in Finland. The look of the armchair can be altered by using carpets of different colours.

Our main idea is to use recycled exhibiton carpet, because it is normally discarded after one use. We are now looking into ways of manufacturing it for a short-run production.

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  • Is not a chair, is an hypnotizer!

  • This totally makes me think of sushi for some reason! wicked website guys!

  • gynous.work

    looks as though the shape could double as a comfy toilet prototype. I love it!

  • that is amazing- great use of what would otherwise be discarded!

  • amsam

    fun (and great to see someone sitting in it)

  • ztef

    Hmm not vert efficient is it.

  • pabe

    really nice, but you will need a crane to move it :)

  • Just doesn't look comfortable!!