Garden Tools by Itay Laniado


Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Israeli designer Itay Laniado has created a range of stainless steel garden tools with oak handles wrapped in red thread.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Garden Tools consists of a scythe, bow saw, machete, shovel, sickle and spade.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Here's some more from the designer:

The project approaches garden tools from a material, aesthetic, and functional investigative perspective.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

The bulk of my research focused on the development of a technique of bending and stretching wood into functional forms while maintaining the simplicity, both of the production process and of the working approach of the tools.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

In addition, I conducted a formal investigation into developing the shape of the blades – both in the design and in the bending process.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

The project includes six final objects: sickle, axe/machete, spade, shovel, scythe and bow saw.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Each piece is created from wood (oak) and stainlesss-steel blades.

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

Garden Tools by Itay Laniado

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  • @JFlox

    I'd love to try them out for durability :) It would be wonderful to have some sleek, strong tools like these.

  • Anger Of The North

    These are undoubtedly beautiful objects, but sadly I think that they'll remain as ornamental objects. After working with them for all of ten minutes, you'd be reaching for your Black and Decker/Wilkinson Sword/etc garden tools, designed purely for comfort and durability.

    Still, as I say, these are beautiful.

  • S.K.

    Amazing objects!!! gardeners should definitely embrace at list some of that chic…

  • jack

    Beautiful design and execution.
    I fear they would go down the same path as owners of BMW X5s and the like, great cars but, would they even contemplate going off-road in it?
    "Of course not darling, it might get dirty!"

  • polly

    whats the point if they are not durable?

  • Oscar

    These are exquisite. It's an interesting sort of thing to design also.

  • hey

    This is beautiful rural-chic. I want a garden.

  • Dean

    Wow very nice garden tools… we have a small farm in the province and if you are asked me what I miss most with my rural life that is gardening. I used to plant vegetables for our home consumption and it is so therapeutic to do that.