Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10


Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10

London Design Festival 2010: this bench inspired by the way wood is stacked for drying is by London designer Richard Shed and is one of ten benches exhibited by The Lollipop Shoppe during the London Design Festival this month.

Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10

Called Bench 10, the installation of ten benches by ten designers around east London’s Old Spitalfields Market also includes designs by VW+BS (see our earlier story) and TAF (see our earlier story).

Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10

The London Design Festival runs until 26 September.

Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10

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Bench by Richard Shed for Bench 10

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Here's some more from the designer:

I took inspiration from the different stages of timber production.

After trees are felled and have been cut into planks, thin strips of wood known as stickers are placed systematically in-between the layers as planks are stacked on top of one another. This allows air to circulate around the wood and for it to dry without warping and shrinkage.

From this process I explored way to create forms which have a volume yet are efficient in terms of materials and manufacturing process.

The shape of the bench denotes where it came from.

Materials: FSC certified Iroko

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  • lEmonD

    Actually I warry about it can be taken by anyone

  • J Charlie

    An interesting take on the public bench, would defiantly like to see these in my local park! My favorite of the exhibition!!

  • J Charlie I agree, this would look nice as a public bench and it wont be cold like the metal benches that are in my area!!

  • wdk

    Looks really good. and a clever design. I wonder If I could build something like that. It looks really strong because of the structure of the bench

  • aml

    I love the design of this bench :) so simple but great.