A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge


A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

London Design Festival 2010: designer Paul Cocksedge installed sheets of Corian as though fluttering around a hallway at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for one day during the London Design Festival last week.

A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

Called A Gust of Wind, the piece featured 300 curled pieces of Corian engraved with the words "Ideas Tray" and a series number.

A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

At the end of the day they were given away to partners of the project and members of the public for use as paper trays.

A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

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A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

Photographs are by Mark Cocksedge.

A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

The information that follows is from Paul Cocksedge:

A GUST OF WIND - An installation by Paul Cocksedge Studio for the London Design Festival.

24th September 2010 18:30-22h:00 London Design Festival V&A, Friday Late Event

Three hundred curvaceous pieces of Corian® will be exhibited for one day only as part of the V&A’s Friday Late Programme. The ‘pages’, which will be given away during the event, represent a stack of paper that has been blown into the air by a gust of wind. Each of these limited edition pieces is engraved and then handmade by Paul Cocksedge. They will function as paper trays, becoming a place for wandering paper to gather.

This installation is made possible through collaboration with the London Design Festival, V&A and DuPontTM Corian®.

A Gust of Wind by Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge Studio is the internationally acclaimed design practice of partners Joana Pinho and Paul Cocksedge, based in London. The studio undertakes in-house design, commissions and consultancy work for a range of clients and sectors. Production ranges from bespoke manufacturing to licensing technologies. The Studio is dedicated to the creation of sophisticated, cutting edge products and installations.

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  • Blofeld

    as always with him , inspired …. very fairyland like …

  • It's magical & poetic at the same time, it makes me dream, I love it… BRAVO l'Artiste!

    François Beydoun

  • I would love to see a video clip of this piece being hit by a light breeze!

  • not design

    How is this DESIGN? It has no use whatsoever!!!!
    And people please don't tell me its art because it would get laughed out of any serious art gallery or museum (like so much of the art/design on dezeen).

    • Richard Foo

      Just so you know, 'Folly' has always been a big thing in the European nations, namely England. And by the way, have you been to Tate Modern yet? This is almost in par with what is annually displayed in the gallery. That's what installation is about, creating conversations among the enthusiasts and the curious.

  • Slater

    Shame it was only installed for a day…

  • ari

    this is very Tokujin Yoshioka's Style!!!

  • joe berlin

    repetitive, i've seen at least 3 major installations like this, the only new feature is the material which doesn't seem to be adequate.

  • paperform

    wonderful / simple / expressive

  • Lady_Ti

    Love it. Wish I could be there and have 1 piece to remember it by.

  • guy or gal

    the guy or gal called 'not design' – you have to take time and read the text that accompanies the posts on this site . . .. . if you read carefully about this piece of work , each object serves a functional purpose.

    i think its stunning . . i want one!!!

  • Zeus

    I would love to see one of those used as a paper tray : )

    Let's be honest it's a nice installation, very reminiscent of the work of Ingo Maurer (with reason), but the material choice is weak, basically dictated by the existence of this comission by corian, and the "function" is clearly an afterthought.

  • happy

    zeus – your wrong, i was at the opening at got one of the ideas trays and the work wonderfully!
    this is the problem with these design site . . too many geeks who actually have no money to buy and experience design or take the time to see things in real life.
    my girlfriend and i went to the v and a, had drink, laughs and got a fantastic piece of design. . zeus, get on the mailing lists buddy ;-)

  • Zeus

    Hehe, what makes you think I wasn't there?
    You make lots of assumptions mate.
    I'm very glad you get laughs with your gf at the "v and a", but that doesn't mean i'm wrong, that is my opinion, perfectly valid.
    Do you work for him, or god forbid, are you Paul?

  • zuio

    i already liked it when i saw this installation 2 years ago.
    it was called "a sudden gust of wind" by Serkan Ozkaya: http://bootsartnews.blogspot.com/2008/11/serkan-o


  • design cookie

    To Zeus:

    I am little dissapointed in u man/gal cause it should be perfectly clear to any design savvy admirer that the material sometimes dictates the design process. Too bad u missed that from your literature. As a matter of fact I loved the bit that the Corian is usually used for hard and heavy stuff. In this case this is the nice contradiction that I think Mr. Cocksedge challenged. About the afterthought bit, well who knows how creativity works and moreover there is no rule to that either thanfully. Ur comment makes me think of the word Design Fascism.

    To zuio:

    Admitedly the look is very similar, however you r missing the interesting contradiction. This is that the paper tray is the actual element that is "blown away" which makes it triple interesting. Tray that holds papers, looks like paper, is functional and beautiful but still funny and consequently a gust of wind is the seeming appropriate action to it. In this case its a design installation and its not purposeless as Art should be.

    Ohh and for those wondering who I am… I am happy not to be Paul or anyone else than myself… an informed and well weathered designer.

    I am glad people like Paul Cocksedge still have the nerve to challenge the material disregarding rules and regulations ;)

    Go4 it mate

  • Nikolay

    Simultaneously so much sheets of paper have departed) thank God that they have stiffened, differently it would not turn out such masterpiece which reminds me in wild spirits inspiration…