Monster by Tomáš Král and Camille Blin


Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

This stationery case by designers Tomáš Král and Camille Blin clamps four pencils between its jaws.

Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

Called Monster, the collection also includes a pencil rest with corresponding grooves and a leather bag.

Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

The range will be showcased by at Czech collective OKOLO at Designblok in Prague, 5-10 October.

Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

Here's some text from OKOLO:

The Monster collection:

"This collection was named Monster after our chance encounter with a vertical shaper in the woodworking shop of Joseph Miele. After many weeks of mutual observation, communication was finally established. Each one of our objects is sculpted by each of its jaws. We have rendered the shape of its teeth to enclose some pencils. We have rendered the strength of its teeth with a black screw to lock in some pencils. We have rendered its skin to make a bag." Tomáš Král and Camille Blin.

Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

The extremely aesthetical, highly elegant, and functionally professional design of the designers from the ECAL in Lausanne won our hearts right away. For this reason, we decided to start a cooperation with two designers whose names are inseparably linked with Lausanne. Tomáš Král and Camille Blin represent the current virtuoso design, combined with a light conceptual approach and poetic interpretation of the given object.

Monster collection by Tomas Kral and Camille Blin for OKOLO

The Monster collection made for OKOLO, which is the result of their first joint project, contains a special case for four pencils, wooden block for storing writing utensils and minimalist leather bag. We have equipped the first case with four different Koh-i-noor pencils, and thus created an ideal set for all drawing enthusiasts.

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  • Neil

    A pencil 'rest'? a waste of wood perhaps.

    And the device holds 4 pencils? forgive me but it seems pointless over design.

    • Evelyn

      the bigger one obviously holds a lot more – but they didnt really show what it can do. I agree with you on the 4 pencil one though…

  • tom finch

    monsters not far off – utterly pointless and a disgraceful waste of material

  • Anniko

    тоже мне, удивили. Типичный советский пенал деревянный.

  • slow

    agree with neil – so not practical

  • edward

    what happens when you happen to have pencils and pens that are of different diameters? and why 4, what a strange number, would 12 not have been a better number 6b – 5h?

  • Bobby D

    a tin can or rubber-band is a lot more practical

  • Bruce

    Four pencils in a wooden box? I like the way the pencils sit in the "jaws". But only four pencils? What is the point of carrying a large pencil rest if you are only going to place four pencils on it?

    The designer's description is almost as wasteful in words as the product is wasteful in material…

    "communication was finally established"

    you mean… you talked to them?

    • bob

      Are words finite? Can they be wasted? Besides your alternative is the same number of words isn't it?

      • doodle

        Same number of words, but it makes a lot more sense and sounds much less pretentious.

    • angel_of_beats

      "communication was finally established"

      you mean… you talked to them?

      Bruce very funny comment!!…I laughed out loud when i read it! I guess when promoting a new "kit" everything is allowed.

      Sometimes people say some crazy s**t!!!

  • bloody good photos!

    bloody good workmanship!

    …design lacks functionality.

  • oxo

    Everyone knows that such design is just a snobbish nonsense. If the authors didn't study ECAL in Lausanne, Dezeen would not presented it here. I guess.
    What alese is this gadget than just a PR? Is it going to be sold? Hopefully not! Is it for a gallery? Is it conceptual??? What is it about?
    Who will put such a chunk on a table?

  • How can I carry my eraser…seems no room for it .

  • Kristopher Adams

    Just utterly style over substance here…

    It's a shame because the amount of effort to create a beautiful object has been wasted as it has essentially created something no one needs.

    And as some wise man once said nothing useless can be truly beautiful.

  • oppa1

    this is a great way to carry around lines of coke.

    • frivoluzzz

      sorry but this is just a ridiculous comment.

      • alx

        I tried it, it's really great to carry around lines of coke! thanks for the hint, oppa!

  • Felix

    I would like to carry my four favourite pencils clenched in the jaws of a hefty wooden protection mechanism, which in turn is placed in a stylish leather skin. nothing else would be allowed within.
    because I can, besides it has something mysterious about it…

  • Gabriel

    i don't get why you guys…. This design is not useless and there are alot more useless junk out there that many people consider design classics.The Czech republic is well known for their history in pencil production and this pencil box pays homage to the pencils encased within. If you want a regular pencil box to keep your ball point pens, erasers etc, there are plenty that will serve that purpose, we don't need another. But this one celebrates an object that once meant alot to people – designers, artists and students alike. Carrying it in a well crafted wooden box and leather case shows the preciousness of this product that we all take for granted. How many of you designers can even tell a good pencil from a bad one?

  • polly

    anyone can design a useless object that looks good. a useful and smart object that is visually appealing really is something valuable. this is not.

  • aldo

    Kinda reminds me of all that hollow steel sections wasted on China's olympic stadium..the bird's nest.

  • It doesn’t look very handy… Too sculptural for me, I would rather take more care of how it works as a pencil-case