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Standard Stationery by David Weatherhead

London Design Festival 2010: designer David Weatherhead presents a collection of desktop items made of folded steel at Variability in west London this week.

Standard Stationery by David Weatherhead

Called Standard Stationery, the collection includes a desk clock, book ends, letter racks, and pencil holders, powder-coated in bright colours.

Standard Stationery by David Weatherhead

Variability is an exhibition produced by Henny van Nistelrooy that explores the impact designers working on seemingly disparate projects can have on each others' work.

Standard Stationery by David Weatherhead

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The information below is from Weatherhead:

Standard’ Stationery family

A family of brightly coloured stationery objects, each with a particular role, redefine the desktop.

Celebrating a variance in task, standard paper size, drafting and colour theory, the playful, multi functional family offers itself for work.

Bent steel, powder coat finish.
Self production available soon from

Items in family:

  • C6 letter rack
  • Half Time clock
  • Super Long pencil placer
  • A4 Angle paper placer
  • Sketchbook end
  • Sunshine letter rack

3 Yeomans Row
London SW3 2AL
Brompton Design District
22-26 September

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