Barker Residence by Davidclovers


Barker Residence by Davidclovers

This staircase curls between two floors of an apartment designed by Hong Kong studio Davidclovers.

Called Barker Residence, the home commands a view over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

Twisting and sloping walls join together storage, entertainment systems and a fireplace, with the floor and lower part of the walls finished in wood.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

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Barker Residence by Davidclovers

Here's some more information from the architects:

BARKER RESIDENCE (2010) by davidclovers

At eye-level with the top of IFC, the tallest building in Hong Kong, the Barker Residence holds stunning views of Victoria Harbor.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

The project is the first of a series of projects designed by davidclovers for a developer of residential properties in Hong Kong.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

The basic approach is to hone in on the most potent areas of the existing layout, and enhance them.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

At Barker Residence, davidclovers reworks the unit horizontally and vertically using a series of subtly inflected walls and artificially-lit ceilings to bend space around corners and through floors.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

The design thoughtfully subdues the palatial scale of the flat while delicately intensifying its hidden potentials.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

The existing vestibule is broken open to the full panorama of the skyscrapers along the “fragrant harbor”, gently combining the living area and entry. Subtly twisting walls organize various elements such as cabinetry, fireplace, desk and TV.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

A stair unfurls to interlock the lower and upper levels. It is washed in an effervescent glow from a custom-designed chandelier above. Previously cave-like bathrooms are thrust into spaces capturing views.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

The kitchen, bar and dining areas are cracked open and lit above by textured glowing ceilings.

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

Design: davidclovers
Design Team: David Erdman, Clover Lee, Mui Fuk Man, Jason Dembski, Damien Hannigan, Katrina Lee, Spencer Mak
CLIENT: Ample Source Holdings Ltd.
LOCATION: The Peak, Hong Kong
TYPE: 4000 sf townhouse renovation

Barker Residence by Davidclovers

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  • Jerry

    Beautiful, I want one. Love the curves and the use of materials.

  • Andy

    Staircase construction details would be nice :)

  • Gollumpus

    An interesting use of reflection in the 10th photo with regard to the window space in the bathroom area.

    I sorta' like it. I don't care for the staircase. It seems too "heavy" for my tastes, even with the curves.

  • madvillain

    my first grasshopper tutorial on the ceiling!

  • Patapum

    I am sure they also have a cleaning and painting business… something like, oh, by the way, here is the card of my cousin who can clean that. Everyday should be ok for such a niccccce house.

  • Josh

    Anyone know how the twisting and curving surfaces were formed?