Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture


Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Tokyo 2010: Japanese studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture presented this armchair for holding and hiding things at DesignTide Tokyo 2010 earlier this week.

Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Items can be stored by wedging them into slots between the upholstered cubes that form the seat.

Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Photographs are by Takahumi Yamada.

Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Here's a bit of text from the designer:

Lost in sofa

Things often get lost under the sofa. It's ordinary for a coin which slipped out of your pocket, or a never-to-be-found remote to be accidentally found in between/underneath the sofa cushions. Maybe you'll find a forgotten 10,000yen bill that you once hid there...

Size : W900 D700 H700

Lost in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture

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  • fivedollarshake

    Good luck finding your keys in that :)

  • so, a nice mix of hofmann's kubus chair and bookinist-by-nils-holger-moormann
    it happens

  • Why none didn't think about it before?

  • nataliagustafson

    Fun and repulsive at the same time. My kids would love it, but I would be afraid of what I would find in there.

    • amsam

      Come to think of it, "fun and repulsive at the same time" is the kind of person I try to be.

  • henk

    This will be a nightmare to produce – so many stitches. And therefore bloody expensive, so no one can/will buy it…

  • My nephew would love this .. at least I know where to look now!

  • Bob

    Where or how do I buy this??

  • bigeyeslittlesoles

    Its AMAZING! I blogged this earlier and then ended up finding this site! I want this sofa!
    Yani http://bigeyeslittlesoles.com

  • obefiend

    this is brilliant…… i would love to have one.

  • SEM

    Do not let Philip Roth near this chair.

  • THIS is really perfect! No more losing things in the sofa! So cool I wrote an article in German about: http://blog.woont.com/furniture/lost-in-sofa-von-

  • Unice

    i LOVE this! how can i get it?

  • My son would love this ..

  • I emailed them and they don't have price yet but I want one so bad it hurts I will go to china t get one if I have to.

  • zaza

    it's brillant idea, i would love to have one or sell to my clients. But one thing I doubt about the design, which is saying it can insert a cup of coffee……since i am not sure how's the strength between pads/ cubes, it may too loose to hold the coffee cup or too strong to squeeze the cup n coffee leak/ jump out…..hmm