An Furniture by KAMKAM


An Furniture by KAMKAM

Seoul designers KAMKAM have created this cabinet based on the ratio of standard paper sizes.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

Called An Furniture, the piece can be reconfigured or deconstructed to make separate furniture forms.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

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An Furniture by KAMKAM

The information below is from KAMKAM:

'KAMKAM’ means the dark, made of millions of colors is made up of three members, Hyunjin Seo, Jaekyoung Kim, Jaehoon Jung.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

The recent work is ‘An Furniture’

An Furniture by KAMKAM

Ax sheets (A3, A4, A5, etc) have “Golden Ratio” that promotes productivity by keeping the dimensions always (approximately) in the same ratio of width:length when they are folded in half.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

Inspired by these Ax sheets, we assigned fresh sculpture of distinctive ratio to furniture, which makes the furniture economical by saving raw materials.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

Since An Furniture also can be rearranged and relocated to a closet, a bookshelf, a storage cabinet and a drawer by a straightforward process, there would be no furniture better than this for single-person households.

An Furniture by KAMKAM

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  • Redfern

    Suspiciously similar to A-series storage by hundredstensunits….

  • Good old golden ratio at it again – wicked!

  • Where do people get the idea that A- paper follows the golden ratio? A-sized paper uses a ratio of √2, people – 1.414, NOT 1.618.

    • josh

      Indeed. It's not the golden ratio. sloppy Dezeen.

  • David

    There have been a number of projects inspired by A series of paper dimensions. It just so happens KAMKAM went the same direction as Hundreds Tens Units. HTU weren't the first, and KAMKAM won't be the last.

  • oxo

    somebody should write a book (in A4 format :) about these ideas. There is enough material for this.

  • Kat

    lovely piece(s) regardless of it A4ness or not.
    Just lovely

  • Felix

    Nice product.

    Love the transformation of the top two boxes into a light. They've dishonestly hidden the cable in the photos though.

    Great that they've shown us a photo of the fixings at the back. Why aren't the cabinets attached to the table base in the same way?

    Very clunky hinges look out of proportion on the smaller cabinets. If they sorted that out it'd be perfect.

  • Point me in the direction to get one of these! Perfection.