Spin by Reddish


Spin by Reddish

These spinning tops by industrial designers Reddish of Israel are each made of a single sterling silver wire.

Spin by Reddish

Called Spin, the hand-tooled tops come in a round or square version.

Spin by Reddish

The information below is from Reddish:

Spin, a new sterling silver spinning top designed by Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman from Reddish studio.

The design of Spin was inspired by the clean an elegant spinning movement, therefore any extra material or decoration were removed, leaving a minimalist shape. In comparison to other spinning tops, it looks like the object almost does not exist and the only thing left is a silver line that visualizes the dance of a spinning top.

Spin by Reddish

Above: prototypes

Spin comes in two variations, round and square, and they both spin in a wonderful way. They will be soon available at GN8 and a few other selected design shops.

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  • fred

    simple though pure poetry, I want one!

  • reminds me of a school project where we only could use a single wire to make a beautiful shape. Less is more, these are beautiful and I am with Fred, I want one.

  • tweetertweet

    Do they work? One side of the spinning top is heavier than the rest and as I understood it, the distribution of the weight being evenly is very important.
    I would like to see it spin.

  • angry catalan

    It is beautiful, isn't it? You could even paint the sides of the square one and use it as a sevivon…

  • akronwriter

    Though I really like the design, I would think it would be annoyingly difficult to spin… trying to grasp on to a thin wire like that doesn't sound like fun, but I'd love them as decorative pieces.

  • Didn't anyone else make these using paperclips as a kid? Of course they work. They get great velocity due to the small diameter of the wire. The only innovation is the sterling.

  • felix

    this is the type of design i like least

    dressing up simple, vernacular designs in expensive materials

    fragile, ethereal objects designed to briefly entertain bored adults

  • Mac

    Its a shame that they get credit for something that most people did at least once in their life.