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Dancing Vases by Robin van Hontem

Dutch product design graduate Robin van Hontem has designed a series of vases inspired by the movement of a spinning top.


The series includes five vases representing snapshots of the top's deceleration.


They are made of nylon using a rapid prototyping process.


Van Hontem completed the project while studying at the Academy of fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Here's a little text from van Hotem:


Robin van Hontem, a Dutch Product Design graduate, made the collection "Dancing Vases" for his graduation project. The vases are inspired by playing with a spinning top. A spinning top keeps itself standing by turning around. The  "Dancing Vases" are snapshots of these movements.


The collection consists of 5 different vases, 5 different moments in the movement. From turning fast, to loosing speed  and in the end dropping down.


These small vases, around 9 cm high, are made using Selective Laser Sintering. The used material is Nylon.