Central Business District Wenzhou
by Henn Architekten


Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

Henn StudioB, the Berlin design and research studio of Henn Architekten, have won a competition to design a new business district in Wenzhou, China.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The Central Business District is located where the Ou Jiang river meets the East China Sea and will comprise five towers of differing heights.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The towers will be situated in a staggered row to provide views of the river, while at street level a series of green spaces and walkways will weave inbetween the structures.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The masterplan will include a five star hotel, offices, commercial space and a public park.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

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Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

Here's some more information about the project:

New Central Business District, Wenzhou

HENN ARCHITEKTEN have won the first prize in the international competition to design the new Central Business District in Wenzhou, China. The proposal was designed by HENN ARCHITEKTEN’s Design & Research Studio HENN StudioB.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

Wenzhou lies within a mountainous region of Zhejiang Province where the Ou Jiang River meets the East China Sea. The traditional trading town opened to foreign trade in 1876 and as an international port is one of today’s key production locations for the consumer goods industry in China. The centrepiece of the future Central Business District comprises offices, a five-star hotel, commercial space and a public park.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The Wenzhou coastline is interspersed with an intricate network of small and large rivers. The proposed design picks up on the river delta image and transposes it onto an organic park landscape which opens towards the sea. The green corridor leading out of the city continues across the site, where it branches out and forms an undulating connection between the city and the riverfront.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

On ground level, this architectural landscape merges with the flowing form of the buildings and simultaneously traces the movement of their users. The five towers stand in a staggered row to ensure a largely unrestricted view of the river.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

Their height reflects that of the surrounding buildings in the south west and rises in a wave towards the river, where it defines the edge of the city on the bank of the Ou Jiang.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The rolling landscape provides open spaces in various forms – from private inner courtyards and broad pedestrian walkways to urban parks. These layers of space offer access from all sides and encourage interaction between people and places.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

The competition marks a beginning for the future development of Wenzhou. In this way, the Central Business District is a model for the process of transformation taking place in Chinese cities and their race for a distinct identity in the changing economic climate.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

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Like many other economically aspiring cities in China, Wenzhou faces the challenge of establishing an urban identity that unites local traditions with viable concepts for the future.

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

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Client: Wenzhou-Oujiang City Development + Construction Commanding Center
Location: Wenzhou, China
Program: Office, Conference, Hotel, Retail, Park
Area: 400,000 sqm
Competition 2010: 1st Prize
Local Partner: IPPR International Engineering Corporation
Structural Engineering & Building Services: IPPR International Engineering Corporation
Design Team: Leander Adrian, Daniel da Rocha, Martin Henn, Ingrid Hufnagl, Markus Jacobi, Klaus Ransmayr, Max Schwitalla, Xin Wang, Sun Wei

Central Business District Wenzhou by Henn Architekten

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Posted on Thursday November 18th 2010 at 6:30 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • What does a satellite image of Egypt (the left one) and its Nile river's delta have anything to do with a project in China?:)) Nice project though

  • Marten

    its going to be windy over there thats for sure

  • Sean

    It looks like Chinese cities are becoming the super-patrons for large projects like these. Honestly, I have never heard of Wenzhou, but I like the design. Don't exactly see any symbolism but it is, at least, aesthetically pleasing.

  • Nick

    really?!? I mean, we can all loft curves, but surely there needs to be some attempt at architecture?

  • D. James

    I think it's just an image to illustrate the concept of the river delta. Great Project.
    These guys are only producing good stuff.

  • Tyler

    Awful. How does this differ at all from American suburban office parks of the 70's and 80's?

  • Lol

    i think the satellite images depict the positional aspect of the buildings. If you look at the detailing on the floor of the proposal its similar to that of economic change above and how the water flows through the space. Maybe I'm talking rubbish!

  • JuiceMajor

    Everything is god about this project: scale, cladding and plan!! Is like a lattern building!

  • Dashen

    I am from this city, a small city in china with 7 million population. I know nothing about this project as most local people do, n I am pretty sure three is a meaningless comparison between Oujiang river with Egypt delta. OK, maybe they both create civilization? Bullshit, but that’s what the local government boost n want to hear especially from a western company. Henn Architekten get money from this project (without any helpful consideration about context), developer advertise the designing is by a famous Germany company (n build it with minimized cost). Government boost the economy is blooming. Finally, our citizen pay the bill.

  • Disa

    This is just an ordinary cold suburban office park. The buildings are masked in a curvy shape, but do nothing else than a ordinary dull office blocks.

    I feel sorry for this chinese city to waste money on poor architecture like this.

  • I actually find the distance between the buildings to be problematic. The strange refusal to embrace super high-density is one of the irritating failings of Chinese cities. Nothing is within walking distance. Imagine being in one of those towers. If you wanted to walk to the first building outside the park, you would have to walk at least ten minutes. It is probably fifteen minutes to the nearest bus or subway stop. Then when you want to go some place else, it is probably in a similar development, meaning another fifteen minute walk from the station. Every journey takes an hour at the least. This is why everyone buys cars.

  • Given the heat and humidity in Wenzhou, greater density – like in HK – would reduce the amount of time that people have to spend walking outside.

    Again, the design of the buildings is fine, but the layout of the project is like everything else here in China and it just exacerbates the poor urban planning and reinforces China's status as an auto-kingdom.

  • there is no architecture to the design !!

  • ste

    architecture has to be more then the simple fulfilling of functions… so this is not architecture!

  • K.d.g.t

    not a fan of this project, I think the designs are quite dull and

  • chris

    congrats klaus!

  • Paul, Yorkshire

    I like it, they've used a certain language throughout but varied the forms.

    They've succeeded where Chipperfield failed with his Barcelona City of Justice as he used a very mundane language and just changed the colours of the buildings.

  • hans

    cooling towers

  • Fizz

    You know those mesh waste paper bins…….?

  • ZZZZzzzzz

    I feel one of the tower there is an exact copy of the TORNADO tower, qatar…..Why cant the chinese get somethin new?….afterall its not the architects fault….

  • ted

    If this is china I think they have gone way too light on the SMOG and POLLUTION