Tron chair by Dror


Tron chair by Dror

New York designer Dror Benshetrit has created this armchair for Walt Disney Signature and Italian design brand Cappellini, inspired by the forthcoming movie Tron: Legacy.

Tron chair by Dror

The piece is made of rotation-moulded plastic and is shaped to mimic the landscape of the film's setting in a digital world.

Tron Chair by Dror

One-off prototypes hand-painted by Dror (above and below) are on show at Design Miami this week.

Tron Chair by Dror

The following information is from Cappellini:



‘Tron’ chair by Dror Benshetrit 2010

In Cappellini’s and Walt Disney Signature’s latest collaboration, the captivatingly imaginative world of Disney’s film TRON: Legacy has inspired designer Dror Benshetrit to create a uniquely original range of sculptural armchairs.

Paying homage to the Outlands terrain in TRON: Legacy, the chairs reflect a bleak and rugged panorama beyond the sleek and ordered lines of “The Grid”, which forms the central setting for the digital world of TRON. Raw data forms a jagged and angular landscape, serving as a muse for an armchair that is comprised of intersecting layers and textures of “digital” rock. Constructed out of 100% recycled roto-moulded plastic, with varying textural surfaces, the TRON Armchair invites you to “sit off the grid”.

To turn Dror’s design into a finished product, Cappellini has extensively developed the manufacture techniques involved to form the many irregular facets of the chair with a seamless finish, creating an imposing and monolithic shape. Entirely made of recycled plastic (linear polyethylene), the finished product provides excellent resistance to weathering. The rotational technique allows for large-scale production and the implementation of different textures and colours on the chair’s surface.

An aluminium mould is rotated in variable directions around both a primary and secondary axis. With two movements of rotation, the plastic materials are evenly distributed into a smooth and extremely durable shell structure.

“This collaboration is the premise for a joint Cappellini and Walt Disney Signature stylistic commitment that promises to become a new, interesting and exciting chapter in the history of contemporary design, combining Cappellini’s strong inclination for innovation with the magical creativity of Disney.” Giulio Cappellini, Art Director for Cappellini.

“Walt Disney and Cappellini both have a shared approach to design, creativity and collaboration that turns everyday products into functional works of art. Collaborating with a leading Italian design brand specialising in contemporary furnishings like Cappellini is another exciting step in continuing Walt Disney Signature’s philosophy on design and innovation.” Pamela Lifford, Executive Vice President, Fashion and Home, The Walt Disney Company.

The armchair will be manufactured for retail sale in a range of possible colourways, available from Spring 2011.

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  • It's not a bad-looking chair, but I don't see why anyone thought it necessary to splash paint on it.

  • mark

    i dont see tron in this

  • I think that you need that splash of paint, cause the form is week… I really don't like the idea of making it…. came to me the question if is only a of marketing….!!!

  • amsam

    Ooh, nice. Wiggly. I like it with the paint. I wish it could be fabricated from actual chunks of stiff foam instead being a single hard plastic shape– for comfort (I love comfort) and to lend integrity to the look of intersecting blocks–

  • indeed, it's not necessary, i think it's a week concept that need a lot of marketing, just that… sorry if I don't like it

  • bubble

    i hope every furniture designer has his creations in their own apartment/house to test their usability and levels of annoyance. nothing will make this chair better looking; not a naked body, not a pillow, not even splashed paint. once again wasted resources.

  • Oo.

    Hangovered Tron

  • it's doesn't has to be in homes ! , it can use in showroom , galleries , as a complement to the over all design , i find the idea pretty creative

  • XXX

    The relationship between Cappellini and Disney is disturbing. Cappellini on the one hand, a keeper of culture, through art and design. Disney on the other is a killer of culture, extracting every ounce of cultural substance from society, case in point, Times Square New York. The "Tron" chair is nothing more than the motherless child of commercialism. The product speaks to nothing more than a bottom line, solving no problems, addressing no program and worst of all has no intention to is form, material and technology. Is this the future of design, soulless, meaningless, arbitrary formalism? Oh wait, its great….Cappellini made it, where is the bar, I need to get drunk!

  • It is obvious that we have here is a sculpture, not a real chair…

  • It's not so much the chair Im worried about but more so this growing trend of advertising-design. This is simply an advertising tactic to reach people that read design blogs and get them to talk about Tron and remind them the movie is coming out. Save yourselves and ignore the chair, and resist the temptation to participate in this wave of PR-driven design, Im sure both cappellini and designer got rewarded handsomely for selling out to this tasteless creation but arguably we have more important things to get on with.
    I might be wrong though, maybe this is the future income of a product designer, and I'll be advertising through objects soon too. The Coca-cola / emeco chair made me thirsty without offending me.

  • Love how the chair is painted on… The depth and colour dripping is great!

  • john

    looks a lot like Maarten Baas his sculpt chair. However hey had a great story with it. This chair just doesn't air Tron or Disney or Cappellini. Fail IMO

  • Love The Chair ! I'd Rock it in a Loft down in SoHo.. The paint isn't needed like others say. Takes away from the Art.. Love The Color Too

  • Josh

    i don't see tron anywhere in this and in my first year in a objects and environments course I designed a terrible lamp but added a stroke of bright orange to make it look more interesting…sadly it worked, but even then I knew it was a low move.


  • Awesome

    Dezeen- where people who have accomplished zero in their lives come to bitch at and cut down others who have.

  • melanie

    looks a extremely similar maarten baas's chair!!

  • lior

    Absolutely love the chair, and think it has so much of a fun character. i agree about the paint line though – Unnecessary and does not add a thing

  • @ Awesome- LOL! I agree…. and I think the chair is pretty awesome. I definitely agree that it's more art than functional. I'm sure you could sit in it, but how comfortable would it be?