Charrat Transformation by clavienrossier


Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Geneva studio clavienrossier created this home in the Swiss Alps by adding two tinted concrete volumes atop the remains of a stone house and adjacent barn.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The project is located in Charrat in the Valais canton of Switzerland and involved demolishing much of the existing structure while retaining the original cellars and floors.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The two concrete additions have faceted walls, angled inwards towards an opening in each side.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Rooms in the new upper storeys are connected, with circulation around the edge of each volume.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Photographs are by Roger Frei.

Here are some more details from the architects:

Situated away from the village, this house included an adjacent barn and had a too vast volume to be renewed in its totality.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Only elements which can easily be reused were preserved, cellars and floors of the pre-existent house. The rest was demolished.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Volumes of visible tinted concrete replaced the double-sided roof and the transformed area.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The big openings so created allow the light to penetrate more generously.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The geometry of the superstructures results both from a formal desire and from a will to remove the wall thickness.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The various-slopes faces enhance the highly varied game of the shadows throughout the day. There are no corridors.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

Circulation is made along the external wall, from room to room.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

The overall view continues beyond the windows, opening onto the surrounding landscape.

Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

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Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

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Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

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Charrat Transformation by Clavienrossier

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  • archilocus

    I had the opportunity to visit the house during last swiss fortnight of architecture in May. Great idea, great contrast, and great execution.

    • gioh2000

      archilocus, what is this swiss fortnight of architecture? does it take place every year?

  • zuiopa

    i want this house…. … this is really nice!!!

  • stillunwritten

    It is quite nice combination between concrete and stone.Site is beautiful ;and concrete boxes seem like eyes opening to nature.

  • JuiceMajor

    This is just brilliant. I am in love with Swiss architects! H&deM + Peter Zumthor!!

    Get me a job!

  • the snow in the mountains mean its a cold area at least in winter, what kind of used in this house?

  • Great contrast

  • This is pretty cool, an imaginative and innovative combination of old and new. And I agree with "StillUnwritten" (above) about this looking like eyes opening to nature.

  • Luca

    Minimal, essential. Many words in a great silence. Well done.

  • I see a mix of two very different houses.

  • Gravy

    This may be the finest house I've ever seen. One thing: are there really no walls enclosing the bathrooms?

    • felix

      I think they just haven't drawn the doors for some reason. Notice how there's no front door on the plans either.

  • erich

    quite a successful exercise in poetic architecture and minimalist restraint.

  • Like, congratulations.

    Some time ago, our studio had a project with the same principle.
    Unfortunately it was not built :-(

    Today we are happy for someone to have had the opportunity to build something with a similar approach and that was very very well ;-)

    Its realy fine.

    our old skecth :-)

    • bodkin

      your scheme doesn't seem to be re-using an existing building, i might be wrong, which mean it isn't the same principle

      • The principle that he (Henrique Marques) is talking about is the same design that exists in the windows, those sloppy edges, not the idea of using and old building. Both ideas i like…

  • Ibram

    very sensitive to surrounding and context complemented with excellent details

  • yawn…reminds me of tibetan architecture

  • felix

    Nice house, shame the landscaping around it doesn't do it or the environment justice.

  • This is just brilliant.
    I love the contrast

  • Jeff

    Ive never been this jelous of a home owner before …

    What a project to add to what is probably a small but very respectable repertoire

    Congrats on the execusion and builders

    Stunning …

  • Another inspiring build by these Swiss architects. The house sits comfortably in the surroundings. Great use of materials

  • stark

    cannot imagine having sex in this house

    • bodkin

      is that how you judge all architecture? i use the same basis to decide what car to buy

  • Beautiful simplicity

  • By rights two contemporary concrete rectangular prisms plonked on top and aside of a traditional stone structure shouldn't work. But the softening of the facades by clever geometry gives the original a whole new aesthetic. Quite brilliant.

  • Nese Halil

    This house would blend in beautifully on our land in a small village called Ergazi in North Cyprus. I'd love to re-create it.

  • Love this project, a very remarkable design and how they managed to build a new concept over an old one… Clever is not enough, nor brilliant is the word fitting this is something else… Loved it…