Food and Design videos: Public Pie

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In this short interview we conducted as part of our Food and Design report for luxury kitchen appliances brand Scholtès, Dutch designer Marieke van der Bruggen explains Public Pie, an open-air kitchen where the food is cooked in front of you.

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The interview is one of ten we made in Milan earlier this year to accompany the report. See all the interviews here.

Food and Design is a major trends investigation into the cross-over between the worlds of food and design. It was commissioned by luxury kitchen appliances brand Scholtès.

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  • booh

    I really like this actually. I like the idea of honesty being a part of food culture, I think that watching and appreciating the work that goes into something is important to the aesthetic and understanding of a process. Architects appreciate details, because we understand the work and the process that happened. Food, for some reason, people have stopped questioning the process. We just assume that paying excessive amounts of money somehow equates a more "perfect" product… even though… the process, the cooking, the entire system happens in a kitchen that we never get to see.

    Imagine if every restaurant allowed you to see how they were preparing your food. It would really start to make me question why I'm paying as much as I am at some places where so little work and energy goes into food. What's the difference between a 30.00 dollar plate and a 12.00 dollar plate? Is there really a difference?