Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes


Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

This narrow staircase with alternating steps is one of a pair installed by French studio MAAJ Architectes in a Parisian apartment.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Facing each other, the staircases each lead up to a different bedroom.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

The treads and risers have been painted black, contrasting with the predominantly white interior.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Panels on the side of the central staircase hide storage spaces within.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

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Here's a bit of information supplied by the architects (in French):

Petit appartement parisien en duplex, le projet s’organise en respectant les dimensions réduites de l’espace. Dimensionner, multiplier les fonctions dans un élément, éclairer, simplifier sont les thèmes qui ont dicté notre intervention. Le projet réhabilite la double orientation Est /Ouest nécessaire pour un éclairage naturel constant et diffus, agrandissant l’espace.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Restituer la double orientation démontre que par des mesures simples, un espace peut s’en retrouver complètement transformé par la lumière. L’essentiel du projet redonne accès aux combles afin d’y installer deux chambres. Dans cette espace en double hauteur, un jeu de pistons forme deux escaliers à pas décalés composé de rangements.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Les blocs se juxtaposent, s’emboîtent et s’encastrent afin de regrouper les fonctions nécessaires à chaque pièce (HI-FI, TV, Bibliothèque, penderie…). Regrouper les usages était essentiel pour éviter de réduire l’espace.

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Fiche technique

Architectes : Anne-Julie Martinon et Marc-Antoine Richard (MAAJ Architectes)
Localisation : 36, rue Pradier / Paris 19e
Année de réalisation : 2010
Durée des études : 3 mois

Paris apartment by MAAJ Architectes

Durée des travaux : 3 mois
Surfaces : 43m² carrez / 71m² au sol (41m² au niveau bas et 30 m² à l’étage sous combles) / soit 57 m² pondéré.
Coût des travaux : 30 233 euros HT hors honoraires architecte

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  • michael

    like the speakers in the stairs!! brings some bounce in yr step! (maybe they are playing samba)
    good use of space!

  • Jones

    Certain death.

  • R…

    Nice design, only downside is that the doors in front of the television are in front of the speakers when opened. Could have been designed with a different hinge. Also wonder whether the sounds quality is affected by placing the speakers in the cupboard.

  • rjc

    those stairs are rediculous, im sure they fine to go up but f*** going down them

  • Were you experiencing a "hangower" as you commented?

  • Superbe design en plein coeur de Paris !

  • amerlok

    Apartment looks rather nice but yeah, my immediate thought is also about that (scary) staircase…. What is this trend lately of no railings?

  • Cat

    Really cool concept, and aesthetically a wonderful design, but unfortunately it's not practical. Did the designer consider if the people who lived here would eventually have kids, or have a dinner party where guests brought kids? What if the owner of the apartment broke their leg? The design is very interesting, but I wouldn't want it in my house.

    • chan chia

      I did apparently design the same type of staircase for children (6-8 years old) to reach their bedroom attic. The children love it. It’s practical, functional and it’s not as scary to walk up and down as what is imagined.

      Small spaces and restricted width is the reason why certain designs need to be taken to reach certain goals.

      However, I kind of agree that railings should be provided.

  • gdehls

    I saw this design in Germany years ago it make a lot of sense and is easy to climb.

  • so small, so clever, so great!

  • lindsay

    it's probably easier to climb than a normal stair as it extends the area of the tread. i'd like to see pictures of people actually using it.

  • MichaelW

    Looks a bit dicey, but then pictures rarely tell the real story

  • yulm

    the stairs named 'nobody going up'

  • donkey

    I believe the English term for these type of stairs is a paddle staircase.

    Great for space saving, annoying for those who are left footed!

  • ironic inuki

    they could climb backwards. LOL!

  • Alternating tread staircases were invented my Thomas Jefferson and have been around since the 1700s – perfectly suitable for compact areas to access lofts etc. But having two of them here kinda defeats the purpose – one conventional staircase could have been designed in to service both areas.

    Still a very cool looking apartment.

  • Ian

    Do they not have building control in Paris?

  • Ian

    Looks cool – client must be a climber!!