Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation


Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation

Cologne 2011: designer Karim Rashid launched this 3D-printed lamp for Dutch brand Freedom Of Creation at imm cologne in Germany last week.

Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation

The product features icons from Rashid's work, including crosses, stars, splats and blobs, overlapped and built up into a rounded cross-shape.

Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation

Called Cross Lamp, the design is available at a floor, pendant or table light.

Cross by Karim Rashid for Freedom of Creation

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The information that follows is from Freedom Of Creation:

Karim Rashid designs Cross lamp for Freedom Of Creation

Freedom Of Creation, Dutch company for innovative design editions realized through advanced 3D printing technologies pioneered by FOC itself, starts the New Year and its second decade since its foundation with a prestigious collaboration. Polyhedral star designer Karim Rashid has conceived the amazing “Cross” lamp for Freedom Of Creation (FOC), launched on the occasion of IMM furniture fair. Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation.

“I thought to make a hyper-collage of my icons as a lit object, in changing scale and mass to create diverse shadows and light filtration, to really make one overriding blobular 3-d cross form, which is my symbol for Globalove,” says Karim Rashid regarding his astonishing “Cross” table, floor and suspension lamp designed for FOC. The 3D Cross is composed of an infinite number of small icons alluding to Karim’s most famous and iconic forms.

"CROSS Lamp": A suggestive "cross-shaped" lamp - available in suspended and table versions - made up of the agglomeration of Karim Rashid's most memorable icons. The cross form is Karim Rashid's symbol for Globalove.

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  • donald waters

    Definitely one for the 'Design-Victims'. The technology is okay… but the purpose to which it has been put makes me personally want to cringe. It's a very personal opinion, I know, but I'd hoped the time of the Design Prima-Donna had been superseded by more important issues… Maybe I'm just not hip enough.

  • gravy

    I'm just surprised he didn't scan his head, have that 3-D printed, and insert a bulb.

  • rarim kashid

    Please stop this guy! Can't see his crosses, stars, splats and blobs anymore.

  • felix

    agreed it's for design victims, but out of context it's a beautiful object and great use of the technology. this is the first time I've seen 3d printing done with a 'cluster' of objects

  • csr

    Come on…no more of this.

  • Tyler

    Same as above. Can't feel this as a product which deserves so much attention. Who will buy the cross lamp

  • sara

    why is the most important question.

  • Xit

    Freedom to create people, freedom to create, :)

  • benjamin

    i have to admit…the vast amount of haters provide enough fuel to like him. okay, so he designs objects with his stylistic form elements present..but there is way worse stuff out there that average people buy which has no life expectancy or has no narrative associated to it with no purpose in enhancing an individuals life…

    and I know i`m going to take flack for this one…but he does a serious amount of consideration and thinking even though this objects are "karim`d"…

    • Anders

      I see your point and I respect everyone’s right to create whatever they want, but I’m not sure if “you could do worse” is a very good argument for not critisising it.

  • douglas montgomery

    I wonder had if this would have attracted quite so much flack had it been design by someone other than Karim Rashid.

    Light, does so much more than illuminate; candles, stained glass, mood enhance etc etc. To slag this off for not being a Benjamin Hubert or Jasper Morrison lamp is to be a petty-minded, 'Design-Dogma-Victim'.

    I'd but it. Maybe I'm just hip.