Iiamo Go by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid has created a baby's bottle that heats milk to body temperature without using electricity.

Called Iiamo Go, the product heats the milk using a disposable capsule containing water and salt. Heat is generated as the salt becomes re-hydrated.

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Here's some text from Rashid:


iiamo go is a self-heating feeding bottle that gives parents on the go the ability to serve body temperature milk to their baby anywhere anytime without the use of electricity. iiamo go is the only bottle in the world with this unique combination of a portable, non-electrical, throw-away organic heating cartridges (iiamo warm) and a patented heating technology that is integrated into the bottle itself. The process is very simple. Pour the mother’s milk, formula or milk powder in the bottle; insert the cartridge in the bottom of the bottle and then just push, wait a few minutes and serve the milk.

The World Health Organization recommends heating the milk to body temperature before served to babies and this is now possible no matter where the family is – in the car, at the office, at the grandparents, in the supermarket, in a café or in the park. Also, in contrast to the vast majority of feeding bottles iiamo go is produced in the 100 percent BPA-free material PP (polypropolene).

iiamo warm – the heating cartridge is part of the mystery and secrecy behind the iiamo go success and consist of only salt (CaCl2) and water generating heat by using the re-hydration energy from dehydrated salt.

Karim says of the design “Feeding a baby is a warm, intimate moment between parent and child. The bottle enables that human connection. Though a very functional product, a baby bottle doesn’t need to be a strictly functional. Emotional and aesthetic appeal must be considered too. Children love reflective shiny colorful surfaces and materials – I do too - maybe I am still a child. So it was time to make a baby bottle a wild interesting sculptural colorful animated object so the baby actually gets excited about being fed.”