Jig by Massproductions


Jig by Massproductions

Stockholm 2011: Swedish furniture company Massproductions present this simple steel-framed armchair at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week.

Jig by Massproductions

Called Jig, the chair has a frame made of 10 steel tubes welded together.

Jig by Massproductions

The design is painted and upholstered in a range of colour combinations.

Jig by Massproductions

Stockholm Furniture Fair continues until 12 February. See all our coverage of the event here »

Jig by Massproductions

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Jig by Massproductions

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Jig by Massproductions

Here's some more information from Massproductions:

Jig - New chair by Chris Martin for Massproductions.

The outline of an armchair is traced with painted steel tubes, the back and seat voids are then filled with tailored panels. The Jig chair frame is made from 10 steel tubes, each of them simple components in themselves but when placed in a jig (hence the name) and welded in the desired configuration, a good looking and comfortable chair is made. There are many opportunities for exploring colour and contrast with the combination of painted frame and upholstered panels. Jig is a lightweight, robust and stackable armchair intended for commercial spaces and hospitality areas.

“The Jig chair could have been designed shortly after the invention of the steel tube. Even with a well established material, I hope I’ve designed something new and with a unique personality.” Says Chris Martin

In just two years Massproductions has established itself as one of the most exciting furniture companies in Europe. Their first collection included the “Tio” chair, which is generally considered to be a new modern classic. This is their 3rd presentation at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and sees the collection expanding into upholstered products, under the creative direction of designer Chris Martin – an Englishman who has made his home in Stockholm. Together with fellow designer and co-owner Magnus Elebäck, Massproductions continues to deliver elegant, rational and functional furniture pieces to grace our built environments.

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Posted on Thursday February 10th 2011 at 6:30 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • shoveit

    classic, nice detailing with the steel tube

  • A very clean design. They look very robust too and I like the practicality of being stackable.

  • Silvia

    Black leather version is really nice, i like the contrast between the two different tones of black.

  • Bubba "2 Ton" Smith

    Well, hot damn, that's some perdy lookin' sitter. I wish I had me some of those down here on the farm lookins acrossed the corn fields. Specially the pink and green would match my John Deere tractor.

  • babycakes romero

    Sleek design with steel stackability and great colour combos- very cool indeed

  • Jan

    Very neat lines and practical, subtle as well as punchy.

  • It's proud and the colors make me happy!

  • Annie

    Looks so clean and elegant. I wish my local deli had them. I've seen a few of these guys pieces and as snobby as it may sound, they look beautiful, are designed so well and would you believe are the height of comfort. Speaking as a Mum, no house should be without a 'Harry'!

  • Annie

    This design is lovely, so classic and simple, but soooo functional. I have been to a couple of exhibitions, and you have to try them to appreciate the design, it's surprising how comfortable they are.

  • eddie

    Es increíble como se puede hacer a la vez algo sencillo y elegante. Me encanta la combinación de colores.