Villa by Knevel Architecten


Villa by Knevel Architecten

Dutch studio Knevel Architecten have completed this villa located on IJburg, a new residential district in Amsterdam built on a series of artificial islands.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The upper part of the villa is clad in dark-stained wood and features a sloping roof clad in solar panels, which reduces the building from three-storeys at the front to two at the rear.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

Apertures in the slanting roof create terraces on the upper floors while a loggia on the first floor and glazing below overlook the water.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The lower part of the house is rendered in white and sheltered by a protruding ledge.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

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Villa by Knevel Architecten

Photographs are by Luuk Kramer.

The following information is from the architects:

Construction new villa, Rieteiland Oost, Amsterdam

Commission / Assignment:
The commission concerns the construction of a detached house for a private client on the island of IJburg in Amsterdam.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

Of the three smaller islands of IJburg, Rieteiland Oost is the most easterly situated one. All houses on this island will be detached. The project location borders the water to the South West side of the island and has an open view over the water to the Diemerpark. The main entryway arrives at a small collective courtyard. The cohesion between the plots and the mutual privacy are realized partly by the dominant green space.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The residence consists of three floors, besides the basement and an entrance to the roof terrace. Its volume is following the plot’s contours The design of the building mass and the degree of ‘openness’ determine the orientation of the house.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

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The entrance to the house is at a small courtyard. From this side the house gives a closed impression. The façade has the maximum height permitted and acts as the back of the house, turning it to the courtyard.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

From this large façade the building mass slants downwards in one line to the South West. On that side the residence has an open character due to the use of large glass windows and the creation of loggias and roof terraces.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

From the house the surrounding residential neighbourhood is hardly perceived because of its orientation towards nature. Therefore there is a strong sense of privacy and openness. The outdoor spaces on the upper floors, volumes which have been lifted out of the main structure, overlook the surrounding nature as a result of the direction of the sloping roof. The many outdoor spaces on the floors also enhance the bond with the surrounding nature.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The building mass remains clearly readable as one volume by the continuous lines of the eaves/gables and facades. A high level of abstraction is achieved in the facades by the composition of accurately executed openings and the selection of only two materials for the closed surfaces.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The upper part of the building mass is cladded with dark wooden profiles while the base at ground floor level is executed with light-colored rendered finish. The abstraction is enhanced by fitting the complete sloping roof with anthracite solar panels which are well visible from the park across the water.

Villa by Knevel Architecten

The solar panels are a vital part of the architectural image. Due to the almost identical dark colors of the cladding and the sloping roof and the accurate detailed connections, the roof and the facades create one volume. With the seeming simplicity of form, detail, materials and colors, the house is blending into its surrounding landscape.

Data sheet

Client: dhr. C. Carli
Projectarchitect: Gert Jan Knevel en John van de Weg
Project team: Jorrit Spel, Giacomo Garziano, Bas van Berkum
Projectmanagement: Knevel Architecten BV.
Contractor: CEBO Groep
Advisor: Adams bouwadviesbureau BV.
Location: Rieteiland Oost, IJburg, Amsterdam
Plot size: 359 m²
Floor area: 280 m²
Volume: 844 m³
start design: september 2008
start construction: august 2009
completion: december 2010
construction costs: € 500.000,-

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  • nofelix

    a very confident exterior, although the power of that first image is undermined by everything else. it has such a delicious lightness that's lost when you see the white overhang doesn't extend all the way around.

    also there's not enough bike storage and no kitchen triangle

    • jlutz

      Oh! are you perhaps the owner of this property? its a pity you are not well satisfied with the bike storage and that now you urge the need of a kitchen triangle!

  • mcmlxix

    The exterior doesn’t impress me. Except for from the angle of photos 3 and 6, it’s all very awkward looking. The two photos of the interior are quite nice…rather airy. Why no more interior shots though?

    I also love when active solar is integrated into the design instead of an afterthought. Turn that roof into a rainwater collector, and it takes the house a little further into going off grid.

  • Gravy

    I would argue that the delicious lightness is overmined by the excessive bike storage and kitchen pentagrams.

  • 1plus2minus3

    One word, LOVE!