Interview: Winy Maas of MVRDV
on Balancing Barn


In this short film made by Dezeen and Oliver Manzi of WopFilms, architect Winy Maas of Rotterdam firm MVRDV talks about Balancing Barn, a house in Suffolk, England, completed late last year. Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12.

More information about the Balancing Barn in our earlier stories »

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  • very nice video. simple, informative, passionate.

  • anna

    lovely presentation

  • typa

    love the closing smile!

  • bartosz

    this project was build already some time ago, thay call it Concrete house in Portugal by Correia Ragazzi Architects. check it out:

    • Bruno

      Don't compare different projects. Just shows that you don't understand

      • Question

        What a strange reply. What's wrong with comparing? Understanding is founded on comparison.
        But ok – just to say 'it was already built' is also not exactly a searching statement…

    • izmonk

      Thanks so much for pointing this out, Bartosz. It’s important to show how collaborative architecture is, even when architects don’t actually give each other direct credit. It is a collective mind that creates everything around us; I don’t like when people try to sell their originality when clearly they’re balancing their work on the safety of someone else’s past work. It doesn’t matter who did it first. It DOES matter who risked it first. That first time is always “impossible” – and those who make it possible for others need to be given credit.

  • Marco

    Winy Maas really has a typically Dutch charm to him. Nice video. Happy to see the building in motion (reflective surfaces always look bumpy on stationary images … it seems to look very well in reality)

  • CCC*

    I saw him speak in HK a few years ago. He is extremley brilliant and MVRDV's process is beautiful.

  • Design with a smile. I like that.

  • Matthijs

    Beautifully flimed and good post Dezeen! More of these. The story of Winny is rather flimsy though…..his smile show he knows………