Neo Collection by


Neo Collection by

Crowd-sourcing design brand of London have launched these simple bikes with coloured wheel rims.

Neo Collection by

The designers at showcase their ideas on the website and ask visitors to vote for their favourites.

Neo Collection by

Only the winning designs are manufactured and those who voted can buy the resulting products at a discount for taking part in the process.

Neo Collection by

The bikes in the Neo Collection function as either single or fixed-gear cycles and are available in black and orange, white and blus or silver and black.

Neo Collection by

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Here's a bit more information from

MADE.COM’s Latest Product Release: The Neo Bike Collection

MADE.COM, a company that offers quality designer products at factory prices, is proud to announce their latest product range, the Neo Bike Collection.

The Neo Single-Gear Bikes are sporty, contemporary bikes that can be used as single or fixed-gear. With a strong steel frame, they are both durable and lightweight. The range comprises the black frame with orange rims and white frame with blue rims, both £199, as well as the premium silver frame with black rims, £249.

This collection was chosen for its modern functionality and affordability. Bikes are also extremely popular in the current interior market and the Neo Collection will be at the forefront of a new generation of single-gear bikes. Another designer product with its price stripped bare.

About cuts out the middlemen to drastically reduce the prices of designer furniture. It works by showcasing furniture designs on the website and asking people to vote for their favourites. The crowd-sourced designs go into production and the people who voted can go on to buy them at a discount as a thank you for their part in the selection process. Orders are then placed direct with a manufacturer for mass production in container quantities. Once completed, the orders are shipped to the UK and their progress is traceable in real time on the web site. The upside of this business model is no unsold inventory and no wastage as the factory only manufactures the exact number of items ordered. is the brainchild of 28 year-old serial entrepreneur Ning Li who co-founded the firm with Julien Callede and Chloe Macintosh. has raised a 2.5M£ round in early 2010 with some successful European entrepreneurs such as Brent Hoberman and Michael Birch (through their VC fund PROfounders Capital), Marc Simoncini (owner of and in Europe), John Hunt (the Seattle Coffee Company sold to Starbucks, Syzygy)

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Posted on Monday March 7th 2011 at 1:00 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • CBT

    a fakey (= fixie with brakes)

  • psyclist

    No shipping outside the UK…. WHHHYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Majot Bummer

    Does the nicely smiling girl comes standard with the bike? Or is it another marketing trick forcing my primitive male genes into buying a unnecessary product?

  • john

    What's new (or good) about a bike with coloured wheels?

    • Jarek

      Don't know, but I like it :)

  • bernarda

    why people who show having no idea about bike design, bike geometry, bike components, or bike fabrication history try to do it? because for some of us who really understand, they look just a crappy mall bike… they could have at least contacted someone with just a little bit of experience on bikes, no?

  • wouww i like styles so much. i miss riding bycyle too =))

  • Emerson

    Enough with fashion accessories for vain urbanites desperate to be seen riding a pushbike with gaily coloured 'look-at-me' wheels and no gears. Enough with fixies.

  • jimmy

    There is nothing new or special about the design of this bike.

  • @bernada
    On the website is the following:
    * We selected this bicycle manufacturer as it has sixty years experience in creating high quality bicycles, produced for international markets.
    * Each part is finely varnished, crafted and assembled. The manufacturers are well-known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail

    The lack of gears makes it a no-no in my part of the world but if I was still in London the mix of price and style would put one of these on my shopping list.

    Thank you for the heads-up on

  • BuzzLY

    This bike is basically a 'create' brand bike. they are rife in London, cheap to produce, and feel cheap. The manufacturer / designer are using the cheapest materials and fabrication methods to achieve a track bike look. This makes them not only heavy, but possibily unsafe to ride. Steer well clear.

  • now i start to feel spring more and i was thinking about buy a new bycyle. these designs give me more wish about riding =)

  • John

    in my opinion that's a well designed bike collection …great choice of colours… I would definitely like to buy one :)