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Dezeen's top ten: bikes

Dezeen’s top ten: bikes

This month's top ten is all about cycling so here's a roundup of our top ten most popular stories about bicycles, tricycles and monowheels.


1: at number one is Ben Wilson's monowheel, where the rider sits inside one wheel without spokes.


2: in second place is Veloheld, a pared-down bicycle for cycling in the city by German designers


3: third most clicked-on is Moof, an aluminium bicycle by Dutch designer Sjoerd Smit for Areaware.

4: the Batavus Uitlity Bike by Eindhoven designers VanBerlo has a frame inspired by a paperclip.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

5: Biomega's range of five city bikes for sports brand Puma are in fifth place.


6: at number six is Michael Young's Cityspeed, an urban bike for Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant.

7: next up is IDEO's Aquaduct tricycle that filters water as the rider pedals.


8: this bicycle with a roof by Swedish designer Torkel Dohmers is eighth most popular.


9: ninth place goes to Alta One bike for city cycling by Frost Produkt, Norway Says and Bleed.

10: and our tenth most popular story about cycling is Moritz Waldemeyer's joyrider, with smiling illuminated faces on its wheels.

That's all for now - another top ten coming up next month.

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