Sky Garden House by Guz Architects


Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

Here's a house with gardens on all three levels designed by Singaporean studio Guz Architects on Santosa Island, Singapore.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

The Sky Garden House includes a large stone-lined swimming pool that can be viewed from inside the building at basement level through a large glazed window.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

A staircase with a glass balustrade and wooden steps snakes across the stairwell.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

The curved roof at the top is also covered in grass and affords views of the bay beyond.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

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Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

Photographs are by Patrick Bingham Hall.

The information below is from the architects:


This house is located on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. The plots are not large and neighboring buildings are built close to the sides of each house.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

Thus our strategy was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to provide privacy where possible, while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the center of the building.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

The front and rear of the building meanwhile, terrace back allowing each storey to have visual or actual access to greenery.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

The intention was to try to allow each roof garden provided a base for the storey above allowing the layered effect to make each storey feel like it was a single storey dwelling sitting in a much as we could do in the close confines of Sentosa island and with such a large building!!

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

LOCATION            Sentosa Island, Singapore

AREA                852 sq. meters

GROSS FLOOR AREA    654 sq. meters


PROJECT ARCHITECTS    Caroline Witzke and Szymon GoŸdzikowski

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  • simply awesome and the stairs looks cool

  • LuWe

    Hope there is a "weathersheep" on the roof!

  • i would like to know about the roof enginering…

  • i want those stairs. and that pool. and that roof. and that house.

  • alex

    money cannot buy you style

    • aloush

      actually I thought that's exactly what money buys you, since style is bought into and not hereditary

  • jojo

    think i just wet myself.

    • isuka

      what kind of a commentary is that? please refrain from posting banal comments such as i wet myself on a design site like this. its lame and unconstructive and no one cares if you're wetting yourself over a disproportionately formed, over-detailed and obnoxious piece of architecture like this. money certainly cannot buy anyone style.

      • jojo

        self appointed moderator?
        apologies for tainting the proceeding intellectual discourse. Okay It's not minimal, the compostion . . .well there is no composition. BUT this house, (or rather collection of slick images) is exciting and exotic . there is something utopian about the beautiful juxtaposition of lush nature and the home. and sure good architecture isnt ment to be exciting, bla bla bla. IMO there's a thin line between fun and hideous in design, and this is fun.

      • whizz

        what kind of commentary is yours? using as many syllables as you can to bash this piece?

        i would love to know what about this project you think is disproportionate, and also what you see as over-detailed. please expound

      • aloush

        who died and made you god?

  • Tristram Taylor

    Looks like a render rather than a complete project…

  • Hassan

    Beautiful design. need brain to accommodate such beauty at a total area of 852M2. I wonder if this is possible in a place of 45 to 50c in temprature

  • I think its playful, relaxed and unselfconscious. I bet the residents love waking up and looking out the windows, or sitting in one living space and enjoying the visual melee as you look through one space into the other, different levels and uses (like the stair and pool), all to the backdrop of greenery.

  • Awesome project love the whole green design, i would like to know the engineering behind the roof? and the second floor garden..? your work is inspiring!

  • Great Project! Rarely eco-friendly & sustainable architecture manages to look sexy!
    Inspiring, well done!

  • What a fascinating house!! ;-)

  • Laura

    How would the owner maintain a grass roof? Hover-lawnmower I guess.

  • varvara

    Hello! I am an architecture student an I have chosen Sky Garden house by Guz Architects for a model project. I would be grateful if you could help me find more photos from every side and the exact dimensions.

  • Jonathan Tuffin

    Very nice house. Difficult not to wince at the thought of the price though. Sentosa properties are the preserve of mainland Chinese oligarchs.