Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen


Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen

Designer Nitipak Samsen has created a measuring tape to translate the amount of carbon stored in a tree into the amount of carbon emitted by activities like breathing and car journeys.

Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen

Called Tree Tape, the product can be downloaded from Samsen's website, printed and assembled for use in schools.

Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen

Each one printed can be customised for the appropriate tree and activity.

Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen

See the credit card-operated carbon-offsetting meter that attaches to trees Samsen created while studying at the Royal College of Art in our earlier story.

Tree Tape by Nitipak Samsen

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The following information is from Samsen:

Ever wondered how much CO2 absorbed in a tree? And how much is how much?

In the process of developing the BuyProduct project, I designed a tree measuring tape for children. This tape translates how much CO2 absorbed in the tree into the amount of activities rather than grams of CO2, e.g. 1 hour on a flight or 2 days of breathing.

Since then I received quite a few interests wanted to use it in schools. So I decided to make it available for public to create and try it for themselves.

I've made a web app, user selects the tree type and the activity, it will create the PDF which will be printed, cut, glued and ready to try.

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  • Gareth

    Yes, because the world needs another TAX! And what are they spending the tax money on….. CRAP!

  • CBT

    I wonder how much CO2, printing the pdf creates and how much tree and water is used considering the production of the paper, hosting the website etc….no criticism,..really I just wonder.

  • bca

    if you take it seriously, i mean these figures, doesn't it mean that we are breathing almost 100% CO2? if You take into consideration all of the flight hours taking place right now and for the last few years, the amount of trees etc…

    But is it actually happening? All of the polar bears should be dead by now, but they seem kind of lively anyway. IMO it's just another big fraud, a bubble, of course there is a problem of CO2 emissions, but it is just overrated big time. (several hundreds of times)

    • ATH

      I've had a look on the designers website…
      He seems to of based the tapes measurements on research conducted by various different organisations… Nasa, NEF national energy foundation etc.

      Regarding CO2 emissions perhaps it’s wiser to “eer on the side of caution”?

  • Juliano

    More greenwashing again… very naïf… i wonder too much about how naïf can be the "ecodesign" … spending a lot of energy and material resources trying to be "sustainable", producing a lot of pollution, pollution is not only CO2…. what about the other solid particles on the air?, "CO2"…that'ss very cute and very naïf for 2011…

    • CO2 is the chemical attributed to warming, which is the current unresolved issue.

      There isn't much possibility that CO2 will be eliminated as an issue within the next 10 years, and as such it'll continue to be a relevant and important issue for us.
      Studies like these will help us draw a balanced decision about the weight of this issue:

      The biggest problem with climate change is a lack of understanding / wish to understand. This generally arises due to non-scientific motives which occurs on both sides of the 'debate'. Ideally at some point there will no longer be a debate due to clear and present facts.

  • wow, lots of negative comments.

    this gives you a way of measuring information around you and doesn't carry any necessary message. it's an instrument of science that allows you to develop your own balanced opinion of the state of affairs.

    Great little idea!

    • Andy

      100 % agree, well said.

  • gareth

    I work in a government department, the amount of paper wasted upon the amount of computers and lights left on over night is disgusting…you and I are going to be taxed for this. I agree in making a difference but government departments see the money before the cause. This ruler will not change this.

  • paperform

    I love when someone takes a complex idea and through the design process simplifies things, making it tangible – a pleasing creation.