Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro


Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro

Industrial designer Giorgio Bonaguro of Milan has created this lamp that supports a light fitting in a single loop of steel.

Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro

Called Tweety table lamp, the design is made of sheet steel bent into a loop with two straight legs for support.

Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro

A standard bulb fitting rests in the neck of the stand.

Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro

Here is some more information from the designer:

Tweety table lamp

The Tweety table lamp, designed by Bonaguro Giorgio has a simple and intuitive design, made up of two main parts needed to build a lamp: the light and the body. These two elements are combined without using screws or joints but by simply letting the bulb hang from its body, making it easy to clean, assemble and package. The lamp is made of eco-friendly materials such as polycarbonate, coloured wire and an energy A class light bulb.

Tweety table lamp by Giorgio Bonaguro

Giorgio Bonaguro is an industrial and interior designer in Milan. He studied mecanical engineering in Modena and concluded his master studies in Industrial an Interior Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design. He worked in several design studios, where he learned the development process of a design product. He acts in a number of different fields including furniture, industrial, interior, packaging and light design.

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  • Dave

    Where is it for sale?

  • Greenish

    Did no-one think to photograph it with the light switched on?

  • dave

    so simple it hurts!

  • Nic

    Very nice, the coloured flex is such a simple and effective feature

  • mircofragomena

    it's from marco zito, not bonaguro!