Snoop and Woopy by Karim Rashid for B-Line


Snoop and Woopy by Karim Rashid for B-Line

Designer Karim Rashid has created this rotational-moulded chair for Italian furniture brand B-Line.

Snoop and Woopy by Karim Rashid for B-Line

Called Woopy, the hollow plastic chair is moulded in one piece, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Snoop and Woopy by Karim Rashid for B-Line

An accompanying footstool, called Snoop, has two pockets reaching into its legs and can be stacked to form a bookshelf.

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  • Miguel

    Doesn't It looks a lot like a Panton Chair?

    • It Looks like a panton chair but the logic is very different. Personally think the panton chairs are ergonomically and structurally smarter.

  • 25hoursdesign

    one of the most amazing project of Karim ever this armchair..

  • GJS

    That metal bar is such a compromise he should not be able to use the term 'designer'

    • porco

      gjs, karim is done as a designer what he produce is sad!!! but the bar is present because it is a bar stool or something its not there for construction purpose

  • rjc

    yeah it is basically the panton chair with arms but i still love it (is there a more elegant chair for influence)… interesting that metal bar, must be a reason…? strength? price?? function? maybe the difference between exclusivity and available to the masses?

    still all sweet sweet work!!

  • metal bar

    i think pictures nº 1 and 2 show different models. First one is a chair, the second one is higher, to be used next to a bar, that would explain de metal bar, to rest your feet.

  • porco

    this is a volume panton isn't… this thing doesnt come close to the elegance of the panton chair this so called collection is a waste of material and it isnt even a collection the little tables have a totally different look… please karim stop making things only for money put some soul into it.

    its 'lacking'!!!!!

  • Andy

    I'm thinking the metal bar is for the taller chairs, and serves as the rail as in a bar stool. But I do agree that I wish it was integrated more into the rest of the chair. All in all enjoyable though.

  • joseb

    This piece has nothing in common with the Panton chair, except the surface.. The Panton chair is a classic beauty, this one is pure eyesore…

  • zzZZzz

    the table looks like the one step 2 one for Legos. not sure which i like more..