Tip Ton and Map Table by BarberOsgerby
for Vitra


Map Table for Vitra

Milan 2011: Furniture designers BarberOsgerby will present this tilting chair for design brand Vitra in at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan next week.

Map Table for Vitra

Called Tip Ton, the polypropylene chair features a kinked bottom rail that allows the user to tilt it forward nine degrees.

Map Table for Vitra

The London designers will also present an office table called Map for Vitra.

Map Table for Vitra

Above image is by Marc Eggimann

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Here are some more details from BarberOsgerby:

Tip Ton

Tip Ton, a new chair designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and developed by Vitra in Switzerland will be unveiled at Milan’s Salone del Mobile Internazionale in April.

The name ‘Tip Ton’ hints at the characteristic dual-function seating experience which defines the chair. From a resting position it tilts forward until the sitter reaches a defined point in the forward position. The key element of this seemingly simple action lies in a 9 degree tilt created by the shape of the chair’s floor skids.

Map Table for Vitra

Above image is by Marc Eggimann

In the forward position the sitter moves closer to a table or desk while their spine remains straight. This sitting position, which until now has only been offered by office chairs, straightens the pelvis and spine and improves blood flow.

“We realised that creating dynamic movement in a chair can actually help a person’s concentration,” says Jay Osgerby. Research * shows that increased muscular activity in the abdomen and back regions can be beneficial to health because movement increases the flow of oxygen around the body which can aid concentration.

Map Table for Vitra

Above image is by Marc Eggimann

Tip Ton is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and weighs just 4.5kg. “Durability, longevity and zero maintenance are key aspects,” says Edward Barber. “The chair is stackable and makes very little noise when moved around.”

“It is also virtually indestructible which makes it suitable for any environment,” adds Jay Osgerby.

Map Table for Vitra

Tip Ton’s qualities, including the forward tilt and stackability, are not obvious at first glance. However it is from these inherent characteristics that the chair derives its design credentials, energy and individual character.

Map Table for Vitra

“TipTon offers a new way of sitting – almost a new typology,” says Eckart Maise, Vitra’s chief design officer. “It’s a very dynamic way of sitting, which has proven physical and mental benefits, but it’s also fun because your movement occurs in an intuitive way.”

Map Table for Vitra

“It was very challenging to make because the design is much more complex than it appears,” he adds. “At Vitra we think it has turned out well because it’s an expressive chair, with a strong personality, yet it’s also very democratic because it is made in low- cost plastic.”

Map Table for Vitra

“The issue with chairs is that there are many ways to sit,” says Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra’s chairman. “TipTon approaches the problem differently and, to my knowledge, is the first chair to do so. It offers two positions – a forward-leaning position and a relax position. All this happens without a mechanism – just with the ‘intelligence’ of a simple distortion built into the base.”

Map Table for Vitra

Hall 20 C05 / D04, Milan Fairgrounds
Exhibition open: 12 - 17 April 2011, 9:30am - 6:30pm

DezeenTV: Tip Ton and Map Table by BarberOsgerby


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  • Crackerjack

    Great! I doff my cap to Jay and Edward. I'm not a fan of all their work but this is really good. There's a good article about this in Monacle magazine.

  • Kitty

    Simple, beautiful and clever. Brilliant Vitra, Brilliant Jay & Edward.

  • ADesigner

    Beautiful Design details in the chair, Look forward to seeing one up close

  • leo

    love the music guys – chair's not too bad either.

  • J Neck

    the video made me smile. very cool design.

  • Not to blow my own trumpet, but myself and Peter Mac Cann won the Promosedia International Chair Design Competition with the same idea in 2003. LTO short for Lean Towards.

  • NKO

    I hate to break it to you Mr Jackson, but you've massively blown your own trumpet. Id call it a veritable fanfare.

    Aside from that, I think their chair is a lot better than yours.

    • It's Barber Osgerby – of course its going to be better you idiot.

    • To be fair Im not as pretty as the girl in their presentation either. But we got there first. Peter Mac Cann

  • Ynot

    Hate the film & music, but the chair looks interesting

  • leo

    just spent the day at the fair in Milan, Tipton chair is fantastic – looks much better in real life than I thought. Nice balloons guys.
    The highlight of Milan 2011. L

  • We had chairs like this in my college dorm that tilted, they were great, but not nearly as pretty as these. I also love that these are stackable.