ANZAS Dance Studio by Tsutsumi and Associates


Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

Beijing based architects Tsutsumi and Associates have completed this dance studio in Beijing with mirrored walls covered in tiny graduated dots to create the illusion of a mist hanging in the air.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

Called ANZAS Dance Studio, the interior has tigerwood flooring and spotlights dotted across the ceiling.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

Curves in the apex of each corner further blur the perceived boundaries of the room.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

The following is from the architects:

Project description

Project title - ANZAS Dance Studio

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

It is a dance studio planned to the corner of the building in the Beijing city.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

What is done in the studio is to confirm the behaviour of the body. In the view of being repeated by the mirror, changing dizzyingly, a sense of existence of the floor becomes important. Paradoxically speaking, anything but the floor is unnecessary to be perceived. Then I imagined a space wrapped in a deep fog. It was felt that the scenery in the fog in which everything except ground is near whiteout condition was proper to this dance studio.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

Grainy and deep coloured tigerwood (Muiracatiara) is used for the floor, and all the other things are painted white so that the floor gets remarkable. By painting a white ceramic paint in a dot gradation on the mirror, the floor merges far into the wall.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi
When it sets foot on the studio, an innumerable white particle wraps the body. The floor merges gradually in a deep boundary, and senses of depth are lost. Although the dance studio is mostly a dull space with only the mirror, by blurring everything but the floor without assuming its existence, a fantastic space has been created.

Anzas dance studio by yoshimasa tsutsumi

Used materials   dance studio:
Floor/ tigerwood (Muiracatiara)
wall/ painted mirror
ceiling/ plaster board


Floor/ ceramic tile
Wall/ paint only
Ceiling/ plaster board
Construction methods- ceramic painted mirror with dot gradation pattern.
Furniture manufacturer - Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Lighting manufacturer - Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Floor manufacturer - Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Wall manufacturer - Beijing Biaode Decoration Co.,Ltd
Floor area (m2) - 66.3
Date of completion - 15/06/2009
Description of the project

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  • Art

    That's very cool; I just hope it isn't disorienting to the dancers!

  • eugmir

    simple, straight-forward, and clever use of space.
    however, more could be done with the reception.

  • This is such a great idea. I would love to see what it is like inside: would all of the dots drive you crazy or would it be pleasant? Very interesting.

  • tsash

    wow, simple and beautiful idea, I might just have to steal it sometime :D

  • Amazing… They even can have a beautiful performance in this studio.

  • A smart idea well executed, and yes the reception is lacking in comparison.
    I just feel for the dancer who loses her poise against the glass…

  • An excellent way to create such atmosphere – very dream-like.
    Can't help but feel it would be quite disorientating though… but I'm no dancer, so what do I know?
    Agree about the reception being a bit bland though.
    Feels like it should be more refreshing and clean to bring you out of the mist once you leave the dance studio…

  • Hercule Poirot

    Creating mist in Beijing is just like bringing water to the sea !
    Nice idea anyway.

  • steef

    as a space..beautiful!

  • Suvin

    As i understand it, dancers rely quite heavily on mirrors to check the precision & alignment of their movements. The diffused atmosphere is very beautiful, but i wonder if it would slightly compromise this very basic functional requirement; other people here have pointed out that it might be disorientating. This doesn't detract from the brilliance of this idea, though.

    • it looks like it fades out around eye level so the dancer's body will still be reflected

      • Chiaro Scuro

        Not on all sides of the space though….

  • Bassel

    The mirrors in the picture seem to reflect the dancer quite sharply while the dots seem to overpower the geometrical boundaries which creates a blank cloud effect as a neutral background to the dance, it don't get any more functional for a dance studio, plus it's hauntingly beautiful.

  • Markus

    Great Idea but I do think that the space would become more practical as a dance studio if the lowest level of the 'mist' was raised to just over head height…but would it then lose its impact?

  • guys, look at the first image, the girl's reflection isn't covered by mist… because on that wall it's above head height

    • I was going to write the same. Ballet dancer just need one mirror to reflect theirselves, and they got what they need here. All other mirrors are for the atmosphere, not for the dancers.

  • amanda

    Well its obvious none of you are dancers. This is a WORKSPACE and dancers have specific requirements. This is the result of an education system consisting of theory and academia … unfortunately that approach removes people from the equation and that is bad design. Whatever next – old peoples homes that are very 'poetic' but you cant actually get to the toilet.

  • whatQsaid

    not enough head height

  • terry

    At first I thought it looked like a badly Photoshopped render. Interesting.