D House by Panorama


D house by Panorama

Chilean architects Panorama have completed this compact cliff-top house in Matanzas, Chile.

D house by Panorama

The ground floor of the D House contains a living space and a child's bedroom.

D house by Panorama

An enclosed terrace to the north provides an outdoor space sheltered from the wind.

D house by Panorama

The first floor plan is rotated 45 degrees in relation to the ground floor, creating a double-height space over the kitchen/dining area.

D house by Panorama

The remaining first floor space houses the master bedroom and bathroom.

D house by Panorama

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D house by Panorama

Photographs are by Cristobal Valdés.

D house by Panorama

The following is from the architects:

Architects: Panorama (Nicolás Valdés+Constanza Hagemann)
Location: Matanzas, Chile
Project Area: 96M2

D house by Panorama

This house in Matanzas , Chile by Panorama, is situated at the top of a cliff, 65 mts. approximately above sea level.

D house by Panorama

A two storey house, for a couple and their son, is structured within a square volume of 9 by 9mts.

D house by Panorama

Inside intersects another volume at a higher level, which is rotated 45 degrees in relation to the floor plan, allowing double heights and the organisation of space in the first floor.

D house by Panorama

The program is ordered in a simple way, a single space for the living room, dinning room and kitchen and on the back a sleeping area and the stairs to the second floor.

D house by Panorama

Then, to the side and facing north the terrace, partly enclosed, allowing the users to be outside the days of extreme wind.
Finally, in the diagonal volume, the room and the toilet.

D house by Panorama

Three defined sectors as the result of the orientation to the panoramic views of the landscape, the isle, the beach and the forest in front of the ocean.

D house by Panorama

D house by Panorama

D house by Panorama

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  • JWL

    nice control within simple geometry


    Simple but impressive work!

  • nina

    i wanna know how it feels to wake up in such a nice place… :)

  • Dan

    What a site! What a sight!!! (oh yeah.. architecture well done too…)

  • deep3d

    i love how the diagonal staircase gently protudes and creates a new space/language in the already existing box like language.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ferdinand-Solas/1057819829 Ferdinand Solas

    great emphasis on space and light.

  • http://batupalmer.carbonmade.com btplmr

    Such a modest design. Amazing clients, amazing architects…

  • http://www.brgstudio.com nulla

    Everyone will fall in love for this project. I wonder how people will look at the same house if it had been built in a different place. That`s not the case anyway…

  • http://www.kdcuk.co.uk/ John Batt

    Really like the open plan kitchen and dining space. One thing that I would be interested to know about is if the kitchen area holds any heat, as it is such an open room and there are such large windows.

  • http://www.increation.co.uk Fitted Kitchens

    Wow some great sea views!

  • antonio