Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania


Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

Milan 2011: UK designer Benjamin Hubert presented this ash chair for Italian brand Casamania at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last week.

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

The chair, called Maritime, is constructed from ash plywood with the curves following the grain of the timber.

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

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Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

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Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

The following is from Casamania:

Benjamin Hubert x Casamania

Inspired by traditional wooden shipbuilding techniques maritime is a solid wood range of chairs that are skinned internally with a formed plywood shell.

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

The construction technique where the supports are visible on the outside allows for a distinctive design language that is in harmony with the material and production. The ribs allow for a structurally robust chair with minimum use of material.

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

Maritime is comprised from solid and laminate ash and offered as an upholstered option. To enhance the construction details the range is also offered in translucent dyed colourways.

Maritime by Benjamin Hubert for Casamania

  • jimjim

    hmmmm, this is so lovely. Feels like / reminds me of Scandinavian architecture.

  • perfect! the simplicity and austerity is stunning

  • andi

    he can also call it the "Morris Minor" chair

  • herbedudiable

    it's really remide me a lot the merano chair of alexander gufler produced by ton chairs

    • Xit

      Ok, I see the same idea of using 2 formed pieces of wood and that said I prefer the Gulfer execttion as I like reduced constructions.

      I would add that this is probably the best project by Hubert this year. It seems more resolved and refined than his other offerings.

  • woody woodpecker
    • amsam

      No, the Hubert has infinitely more grace then the first, and the second is cheap-looking plastic. No comparison.

      • pffff

        Diez chair is not plastic!

  • ADesigner

    It's lovely to see the structure of the chair on show, very nice work.

  • Henk

    Saw this at the fair, and the "structure" seemed to be purely ornamental, which would be a pity. But – might be wrong…

    • Heinz

      I'm sure its possible to do this without the bracing, but without it we have a chair that looks more sober like the alexander gufler model. Also it would lose that 'catchy' boat esthetic.

  • journo

    Really nice chair, it looks like benjamin hubert is progressing into a really good designer. Keep it up.

  • ivon

    i dont believe it… ive designed a chair which is a spitting image of this for my end of year show. dammit!

    really nice chair though.

    • Nathan

      let us see it!

      • ewan

        oh yeah I forgot I also designed this one last year in my garage,..come on, let us see it…

  • Hercule Poirot

    The legs don't fit with the ribs.

  • Aidan

    I really like Benjamin's work and this chair too… but it does look like the wood brother of this by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec:

  • moluk

    i thing the princip of ton (Alexander Gufler) is better than this

  • networker

    I really like this and i too was in milan… if you understand how plywood is constructed when butted up together then you know the ribs are necessary on such a small section.

  • DVE

    This is by far the best offering from Hubert this year. The rest of this offerings have been somewhat dubious. Perhaps if he focussed on fewer pieces we would really see what he is capable of . I think he is better than the predominantly forgettable designs he has churned out this year.

  • Bruno

    Beautiful. I'm afraid the legs aren't going to hold up over the long haul though. Really needs more structure across the bottom of the seat.

  • modernstump

    Very nice approach to the compound curve. looks great.