Mixx by Matthias Demacker for Area DeClic


Mixx Chair by Matthias Demacker for Area Declic

Munich designer Matthias Demacker presented this chair with interchangeable upholstery pads for Italian brand Area DeClic in Milan last month.

Mixx Chair by Matthias Demacker for Area Declic

Called Mixx, the chair has a metal frame designed so customers can choose three different-coloured pads to form the seat and backrest.

Mixx Chair by Matthias Demacker for Area Declic

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Mixx Chair by Matthias Demacker for Area Declic

The following is from the designer:

Mixx is a chair that is designed for having the possibility of various looks, which the user can define according to his/her personal taste. The chair consists of three individually upholstered parts that give the possibility to mix different fabrics and colours, thus the chair can have different characters/looks. AreaDeclic supplies a wide range of fabrics from which the user can choose its personal combination- from austerity (plain coloured) to playfull (multicoloured), whatever you prefer… Various bases for the chair with different finishings round up the diversity you can choose from.

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  • Brad Featherman

    Try Marcel Breuer (1926) the "Wassily" chair if you really want to know what avante garde chair design is….

    Also, try lateral thinking especially with new materials and make your design commercial – we are all constricted by price constarints, especially in this economic climate………

  • Ramon

    Es un diseño bastate colorido y moderno, me llena el ojo y el gusto.