Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten
and Stiefel Kramer Architecture


Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

Austrian design studio LAAC Architekten and Stiefel Kramer Architecture have completed this public plaza in Innsbruck, Austria, with an undulating concrete surface.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

Completed in collaboration with Christopher Grüner, The Landhausplatz square retains the site's four monuments with the addition of new trees, benches, lighting, a fountain and drinking fountains.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

The huge concrete slabs swell upwards to frame these elements, with textured surfaces giving way to a smooth polished surface.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

Water is allowed to drain away through the gaps between the slabs and is absorbed on site.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

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Photography is by Günter Richard Wett.

Here are some more details from the architects:

New Design for Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz
(Landhausplatz) in Innsbruck, Tyrol, 2011

Project Description

Goal of the intervention at Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz (Landhausplatz) was to create a contemporary urban public space that negotiates between the various contradictory conditions and constraints of the site and establishes a stage for a new mélange of urban activities characterised by a wide range of diversity. The realised project consists of a 9.000 square meter concrete floor sculpture.

Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz was the largest but neglected public square in the centre of the city of Innsbruck in Tyrol, Austria. The site nevertheless kept a symbolic significance with the four memorials positioned there. A subterranean garage was built in 1985.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

Before the transformation took place, the square’s atmosphere and spatial appearance was dominated by the facing facade of the Tyrolean provincial governmental building from the period of National Socialism, and by a large scale memorial that looks like a fascist monument – which in fact and in spite of its visual appearance is a freedom monument that shall commemorate the resistance against, and the liberation from National Socialism. The intervention aims to compensate for existing misconceptions and to reinforce the monument’s historical significance. The new topography of the square offers a contemporary and transformative base for the memorials and makes them accessible – physically and regarding a new perception.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

The new topography sets a landscape-like counterpart to the surrounding. But it turns into an urban sculpture through its city context, its finish in concrete and trough its function. Accessibility and the layout of paths result from the modulation of the surface which deals with spatial constraints, functional requirements and with morphological considerations.

Pedestrians and users as well as the memorials in their role as protagonists on this new city stage allow for an operative public and open forum between main station and old town. The bright surface of the square functions as a three-dimensional projection field on which the protagonists together with the trees cause a high-contrast dynamic play of light and shadow during daytime. In front of this background the seasons are staged powerfully. Indirect light reflected from the floor sculpture directs the scenery at nighttimes.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

In the northern part of the square, the spacious flat area in front of the Landhaus is conceived as a generous multi-purpose event space providing the according infrastructure. A large scale fountain activates the expanded field and provides cooling-down in summertime.

South of the liberation monument the topography features a variety of spatial situations for manifold utilisations. The texture of the concrete surface varies according the type of geometrical configuration. Beneath many trees the floor continuously merges into seat accommodations with a terrazzo-like polished finish.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

The sculpture group of one of the monuments is integrated into the basin of a new fountain where water runs down steps cut into a slope. The shoal fountain and the water games in front of the Landhaus provide playground for children and cool down the climate in summer locally. There are drinking fountains in different heights for children and adults.

The surface of the square is realised in modulated slabs out of in-situ concrete, joined by bolts that deal with shearing forces. Infrastructural elements for the organisation of events which can take place anywhere on the square are integrated in the construction of slab-fields of max. 100 square meter. Drainage of the whole square including the fountains is located completely at the open joints between the individual fields so that there is no drainage pit visible on the whole site. An innovative buffer system allows that – despite of the existence of a subterranean garage – all the appearing surface water drains away within the property.

Landhausplatz by LAAC Architekten

LAAC Architects/stiefel kramer architecture
in cooperation with Christopher Grüner

LAAC Architects - Innsbruck
stiefel kramer architecture - Vienna/Zurich
Christopher Grüner – Innsbruck

  • george

    Title should read as "Austrian design studio LAAC Architekten and Stiefel Kramer Architecture have completed this public skate park come plaza in Innsbruck, Austria.

    great project nonetheless

    • hahah it's just the perfect plaza to do some street bmx haha

  • threealpha

    Wow! Beautiful artificial landscape, love it.

  • Nicky

    Looks like a very nice skatepark.

  • nice skateboard park

  • DK405

    …not a single image of the user's view? Why only show birds eye views?

  • karl

    Neither plaza nor skatepark, boy sea of concrete. Ego before human.

  • steef

    I agree that there is way too much concrete, but I hope it is part of a trail and error development within the office. With some added green, and maybe a little less rigor (give it a little room for change and appropriation), it could have been simply amazing. I look forward to future projects..

  • yuton

    i dont get it why build a artificial landscape an put ordinary benches in front of it?
    do i miss something

  • Sebastien Alfaiate

    this must be such a great skate spot! so cool!
    that concrete will be black from the skate wheels in not time! cool

  • Andy

    Saw this late last year before it was properly finished, even before the construction was completely through there were still tell tale signs the skaters had been there. Still even in -10 conditions made for a great public space, really simple design, well thought out, connecting all the surrounding buildings and framing the monuments perfectly.

  • Zeeman

    Should have put coping on those edges, wont look that smooth for long.

  • atticus

    ha the edges already have been attacked with wax (see first picture)

  • fuxx

    what a nice place.
    innsbruck be proud of it

  • arjun

    its beautiful but way too narcissistic. a little reticence and sensitivity would have helped make this work better. too much solid surface, not enough soft scape and not enough trees.
    even something as simple as a park with pathways, benches and trees would have worked better. the aerial plan says it all.
    every time i look at a google map looking for hotels or anything in a city i automatically gravitate towards areas with any lung space, or towards water.
    it has obviously been well executed but its conceptually devoid of any understanding of human involvement.

    • Andy

      I don't think you can make comments like that without having visited the place, or at least done a little more research – the city is covered in snow for a large part of the year, think how your lovely green space will look buried under ice, and then all slushy and muddy as it melts. What may work well in one place does not necessarily in the next. This is a public space for the whole year.

      The sparseness/hardness of the scheme also ties it really nicely in with the landscape, referencing the mountain ranges that surround the town.

  • cacas

    sunscream platz

  • mariana siqueira

    beautiful if you're a bird. missed some human height views.

  • …impressive design, nice execution and outstandig images. I whish you have a "gewaltige" party on saturday!

  • Philip

    Joni Mitchell said it best: "…they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot." I think in that entire space, from the bird's eye view photo, I counted about 18 trees. Absolutely horrendous.

  • Luisa

    Just few threes, no shading systems and a lot of light reflection because of that big white surface… not sure about the "pleasure" of staying there during hot summer days…

  • ppp

    @ exactly, it's way to bright on clear summer days, way to hot … although an awesome place to skate ;) greeting from innsbruck

  • innsbruck

    it is definitly like a skate park now, and in summer it´s to bright to walk on, but hopefully in winter (cobered with snow) it will work. concrete work is done perfectly though ;)

  • greenfighter

    This is what todays and so called landscape designer understand as modern and urban landscapes. Public green will be reduced to isles of minimum plant life. No open soil but a lot of open space. Looks similar to the new Hamburg Hafencity

  • Pierre Sinsua

    comfortable concrete

  • Jordan

    As long as the trees continue to grow, 50 years down the road it will look magnificent.

  • Thomas

    I think this is one of the best street skate spots or Skateparks.