Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises


Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Lego-like blocks are stacked along the walls of this cafe in Chennai by Indian studio Mancini Enterprises.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Part of a chain called Mocha Mojo, the cafe caters for 110 customers on two levels.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Lighting is concealed within the wall-mounted boxes, spilling out from above and below each colourful strata.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Here are some more details from the designers:

Mocha Mojo
Chennai, India

Mocha Mojo is a coffeehouse with 110 covers in Madras providing a space for coffee and conversations.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

The design refers to the 70’s mastery of “special” – furniture/wallpaper which in turn dwelled on the early modernists’ approach towards interiors.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Beauty through purity, reduction to functionalist objects, light on pure material on pure colour.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Only in the 60s and 70s the old qualities of “opulence” and “ornament” were re-infused into interiors resulting in spaces of great intensity.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

It is this intensity, which was searched for in this project.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Besides the carpenters and painters had great fun during the construction of those layers.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

They had been generated in 3d and then issued to site level by level – a simple process which not unlike childhood Lego triggered immediate visual satisfaction.

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Interior design by Mancini Enterprises in Chennai, India

Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

Project team: Niels Schoenfelder, Bharath Ram, V.S. Aneesh, R. Velu, Sangeetha Patrick, Natasha Jeyasingh

  • edward44

    Too jittery for me. Don't think I would enjoy myself there.

  • Luca

    I’m leaving right now and going to the “Slowpoke Cafe” …

  • sara

    worth recognizing !

  • it's so memorable that it's already boring me. coffee spaces should speak in subtler yet deeper ways, with layered personalities that you rediscover with each visit. and i do understand we're overpopulated here in india, but 110 people and coffee just don't seem to gel. i'm not even commenting upon the 'intense' interiors.

    this is certainly more bowling alley than coffee. sorry, just a frank and maybe very personal point of view.

  • James

    Trying too hard.

    • Yrag

      I agree to many colors for all the facets and shapes, or too many facets and shapes for all the colors.

      Mancini Enterprises–pick one.

  • Kanwal Deep Kapoor

    Where 'm I ?

  • Not really impressed by the design, but that fact it's something from Chennai is quite impressive!

  • Adarsha

    I saw the other images of the project on your website. It is a very nice experimentation, but there seems to be a small problem with the perception of coffee spaces that you have. This kind of environ with very dim light might be apt for a bar/disco, where the chaos in the environ gives you privacy by masking the surounds both visually and acoustically. But for a cafe, you do not need an overpowering environ. In a cafe you definately need brighter light than a bar/disco in order to be able to engage in talk/discussion with your friends. In the place you have designed, the bright lighting would take away all attension from whatever little chances of discussion you have. But all of this is my perception. I would still like to see the reaction of users and subsequent success/failure of the project. In short nice experimentation, i hope it has been done with some thoughts.

  • Hercule Poirot

    Thank God they didn't put mirrors on the ceiling !

  • Megha Sanjaliwala

    too dark a space for a 'light' talk in the evenin….

  • Rahul

    Congratulations! Finally someone with balls in a city full of extremely boring architecture and insipid interirors. Go on Chennai, relive the magic of colour and light!

  • EJ_re

    I only saw the pictures but i'm already dizzy .
    I'm doubted that i can really enjoy the moment i drink coffee and talk with my friends in this place.
    This project is experimental, but it's not considered the users.

  • Zino

    Mondrian on acid… but it’s probably less confusing in person than in these photos.

  • It would have been an awesome office (design wise) of any creative firm!

  • Werner Boshoff

    I don't want to be dusting that place!
    Imagine all the lost cellphones you'll discover. I can appreciate the textures, but the colours literally make me anxious.

  • Tim

    pretty. bitch to clean though