Sneakerology by Facet Studio


Sneakerology by Facet Studio

Shoes are displayed in numbered slots on row after row of plywood shelves at this Sydney shop by Facet Studio of Sydney and Osaka.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

Called Sneakerology, the shop displays sneakers in neatly ordered boxes, with each row staggered by half a unit.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

Customers can learn more about each style using interactive screen in the centre.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

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Sneakerology by Facet Studio

Photographs are by Katherine Lu.

The information that follows is from Facet Studio:


A sneaker shop interpreted as a sneaker museum

In each of the 200mm x 600mm boxes, one by one, sneakers are carefully collected. The boxes are repeated, and offset by half unit on each level, and carried through repeatedly over an entire wall. Something which has little meaning on its own, when repeated 281 times over, it creates a euphoric effect for one to experience a heightened emotion.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

The merchandises neatly displayed in the fashion similar to the museum artefacts; through touch panels centrally located within the shop, one can gain further understanding of the background stories of the merchandises. Although there is really no such field of study as “sneaker-ology”, by placing our design focus on ways to correctly understand the merchandises, it is for us an attempt at capturing “sneakers” in a scholarly fashion.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

“That one is nice..... this one is nice too!”; There is no better way to shop than whilst enjoying an academic high.

Sneakerology by Facet Studio

Program: commercial fitout: retail
Project team: Olivia Shih, Yoshihito Kashiwagi
Location: Sydney, Australia
Main material: Plywood
Area: 55 m2
Built: 2011
Photo: Katherine Lu
Mural: Babekühl
Structure: Simpson Design Associates
Lighting: Electrolight

  • Hercule Poirot

    Are the numbers related to the sneakers left or right of them ?

    • capslock

      to the left. if you bothered to look, the lit number sits in a box with the sneaker.

      • Hercule Poirot

        Don't be so serious Caps'. Just kidding.

      • hugo

        both side … the wall seems to stand alone ??

  • Braxton

    The term "Sneakerology" isn't new. My alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, had a course called Sneakerology that provided historical background of the sneaker culture with commentary from it's pioneers.

    Also, the displays for the shoes are rather flat. The only thing separating this store from a Footlocker is the interactive display. The Puma store featured last month had a stronger innovative concept.

  • I would have liked to see a short example of the interactive video.

  • sara

    I saw the shop when i visited the mall, and was drawn to it because of the light, but i think the lights were too bright up close, so it blinded me from seeing the sneakers!

    I bought the shoes in box no.82

  • O.G. Bordeaux

    Impressive, but a sneaker store should be judged first and foremost by the quality of the stock it carries.


      SNEAKEROLOGY is by ESPIONAGE… if that means anything to you. By the way, Jordan is played out. every man and his dog has jordans, retro or OG.

  • Kim Nguyen Ngoc

    Bravo Yoshi and Olivia, the shop looks great and it's always full.