Alternative Alarm Clock
by Ki Hyun Kim


Show RCA 2011: for those who'd rather be woken by a gentle breeze or the smell of coffee than a shrill alarm, Royal College of Art graduate Ki Hyun Kim has designed a clock that wakes users with the electrical appliance of their choice.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

The Alternative Alarm Clock combines a digital clock with a two-socket extension lead.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

It supplies power to a coffee maker, lamp, radio or fan when the alarm is activated rather than omitting sound itself.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

The project can be seen at Show RCA 2011 in London until 3 July.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

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The information below is from Ki Hyun Kim:

Alternative Alarm Clock

More diverse senses; stimulation users' sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell or any other combination of senses, as an alternative of application about alarm, awakes people from sleep very gently and effectively.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

In general, people stay a bit longer after alarm. While people linger, the body gets started with awaking its nerves and senses from deep sleep to work.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

Alternative Alarm Clock is a combination of an alarm and an electric outlet which are common things in daily life and have a simple single function. It goes off on time users set and also supplies electric power through double sockets.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

By putting together other products with it, this simple function does not gives opportunities to rebuild up fresh sorts of alarm to users but also allow many potential options stimulating different senses with ordinary electronic products around us.

Alternative Alarm Clock by Ki Hyun Kim

126 x 93 x 47 mm

  • kes

    it might serve better than the designers thought :-) With a bit of fantasy one can make a whole chain reaction/mecanism in his place :-)… very cartoonish then.

  • zoe

    look like someone is a big fan of industrial facility! this isn't anything new at all stylistically or functionally.

  • tjrb

    just like a teas made then

  • ilgu

    cooooooooooooooooooool !!

  • stu

    How is this any different to existing household timers that have existed for years!?

    • Gravy

      This is sufficiently different than a timed outlet. It is a clock first and foremost that happens to have outlets timed to go off in place of an alarm. Fair enough.

      I just wish it wasn't such a clunky form.

  • meoutis

    …pity that there is no universal (european) plug solution!

    • mic

      I second that, with universal plug it be an immediate buy!

  • Dont get it. This product exists already?

  • chantal

    I haven't seen something like it before. I know there is many ways of timing appliances using timers and stuff but this is just simply clever, pratical and love the simple shape with no big faf, I saw it and thought. BRILIANT!!

  • kek

    From a functional viewpoint, it existed for a long period(since 70-80′s here in Japan) and was named Sony PT(program timer) product line.

    They had 2 or more programmable AC100V outlets, and were not only for audio-visuals.

    for example:

    • Chris

      i cannot understand at all about that japanese stuff..
      but above alarm clock seems really easy to use even i didnt read any discription.

  • Angela

    I like this as it seems covert- I already have plugstrips around the house and if one of them also turned into an alarm clock I would find it marvelous. I hope Ki HYun Kim makes it. Anything that can reduces the number of cables I've got running is great.