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Jasper Morrison-designed Punkt AC02 alarm clock is an ideal Christmas gift for "digital minimalists"

Promotion: Swiss technology brand Punkt says that its well-known AC02 alarm clock is the ideal Christmas gift for "digital minimalists".

Created by British designer Jasper Morrison, the monochrome AC02 analogue clock is a fresh remake of Punkt's AC01 alarm clock, which it launched in 2011.

According to Punkt, its AC02 alarm clock is the only premium-quality analogue table clock on the market and is "the most stylish alternative to waking up to a smartphone".

Black minimalist punkt clock with white hands
The clock was created by British designer Jasper Morrison

Retaining a similar look to the brand's original AC01 alarm clock, the AC02 clock features subtle differences, including a taller and deeper structure, and an anodised – as opposed to painted – coating and simplified controls.

The clock's design takes cues from the Bauhaus movement and it features a minimal, glass-fronted clock face housed within a solid aluminium body.

Black minimalist punkt clock with white hands sitting on bookcase
The clock is designed for "digital minimalists"

"The AC02's low-key sophistication traces its design heritage back to the Bauhaus movement of 1920s Germany," said Punkt founder Petter Neby. "It [AC02] builds on the acclaimed Punkt AC01, which was launched in 2011 and has been presented in design exhibitions around the world."

To improve efficiency and minimise waste, the clock's batteries have been combined to fit within a single compartment and its packaging has been reduced.

Black clock sitting on desk
The clock is an ideal Christmas gift

Users can switch the alarm on or off by turning the knurled ring that encircles the clock's mechanism at the back of the product. The alarm's status is displayed on the clock face by an indicator dot that sits above the hands.

The hour points, clock hands and alarm time indicator are luminous to allow for easy viewing, while an LED light-ring surrounds the face when the back of the clock is pressed, and gradually fades out after a short time. This same pressing action is used to "snooze" the alarm.

"Although built around a completely new mechanism, the AC02 remains true to the original design of Punkt's very first product," said Morrison. "With subtle refinements to the aluminium body and a new deep black anodised finish, this updated model celebrates constancy."

According to Punkt, its founder Petter Neby believes that it is important to reduce mobile phone use at bedtime, which led to the development of AC02. The clock is intended to improve sleep and enhance wellbeing as a result, which makes it an ideal Christmas gift, says Punkt.

Black Punkt clock next to glass of whisky
The AC02 was launched at Jasper Morrison's design studio during the London Design Festival

"Today's world is consumed with technology and I think we are too distracted by it in day-to-day life," said Neby. "I founded Punkt to offer a viable alternative for those feeling overwhelmed by the advanced technologies that have pervaded modern lifestyles. Punkt is about using technology to help us adopt good habits for less distracted lives."

The AC02 was launched at Jasper Morrison's design studio during London Design Festival in September 2022.

For more information, or to purchase the AC02 alarm clock, visit Punkt's online shop.

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